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Back after two days, one of which (yesterday) was a nightmare.  Furniture moved across the room, puter unplugged for most of the day, and me with a groin pull that is ouch. Can feel it all the way to my back.  I’m ok sitting here, but moving a bit of a bother.  And all that moving and hassle all because of a how drapes and rods in the old days were hung. Still are far as I know.


The plastic hooks in the rod that attach to the plastic hooks in the curtains were breaking away. Been up for a donkey’s age, however long that is.

Since the tabs on the four center supports allow for the locks to be slotted in and then turned to fit tightly, then why not ditto for the end caps?
As the wife reminded me, as she does when I mutter about the stupidity of the way things have been designed here, Brits will ALWAYS choose the hard way above the easy and more logical.  Hooks in these old rods which I think are still made, require that you get behind the rod and unscrew the end cap that feeds the rod hooks. Which means you have to take the entire rod down to unscrew a small plastic end tab and let the hooks slide down a slot.  All of which made no sense whatever. 

Curtains been up there for a hundred years it seems. Never looked dirty but anyway, I thought what the hell, they could use a wash as long as they are down. I wish I had the presence of mind to take photos as Drew does, but at the start, I had no idea what I thought to be small project, would take all day.  Or a large part of it anyway.

So I tossed the drapes which are 100% heavy cotton, into the washer.  After more than an hour, and this was on the quick wash cycle, I put them into the dryer.  After some time, took them out and shook em as you might do with things that large, you know.  Shake out the odd wrinkle here and there.  Well.

One of the panels had shredded in a couple places.  Long vertical tears. But since they were still wet, and since our dryer hardly ever gets things dry the first time thru, I put them back in never thinking that there would be more damage done. Oh boy!

After running perhaps 10 more minutes I took them out, shake again, a little damp but okay to hang except; what were a couple of tears now were longer tears plus several smaller ones.  My guess is, and I’d say a good one, is that one panel has taken the full sun more than the other over much time.

I have to bragg some about my wife’s ability with needle and thread.  She is truly highly skilled.  I do not mean that as just the usual compliment a husband would by nature make about his wife.  Not at all.  She really is “highly skilled” and repaired the drapes, no sewing machine, all hand stitched and I defy anyone (Drew excepted) to see where the seams are. 

And so with aching bod, I am baaaaack.

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/28/2012 at 03:11 PM   
  1. over here on this side of the pond we have gigantic washing machines for just such a task. Triple and quadruple sized washers down at the laundromats. also we generally take our drapes to the dry cleaners, if for no other reason than ironing a set of drapes is a huge and exhausting job.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/28/2012  at  04:12 PM  
  2. Didn’t need any ironing, came out okay on that score. No laundry close by and even if there were, no way going out and sitting around there.  Entirely different set of circumstances than we’re used to.  Wife just not up to that anyway with constant pain and continuous Shingle itch on head and eye.  Real mess Drew.  We hope some help will be at hand when treatment starts for the back thing on Feb. 5th. That’s the soonest they could take her.

    btw, you wouldn’t want to take your drapes to the cleaners here unless you could get another mortgage on your house.  Oh yeah, and wait three weeks leaving your front window open to the road.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   12/28/2012  at  04:39 PM  
  3. I use the dryer ‘dryer cleaner’ stuff - needs extra work with dog hair (don’t ask - Mom’s stuff) - and if you set a timer - no need for the iron. I always buy the largest washer - 3 still in the house - plus when adding kids & grandkids visit - need the size. After we took down the ‘window treatments’ - I hung them in the room closet (we have mini-blinds and for those rooms I want privacy - sheets do the trick - as they can be washed easily. We’ve all had a bad year allergy wise - which is why I did this here.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/28/2012  at  05:10 PM  
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