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Anti-Gun MSM Zealots Out Local Pistol Owners

Interactive map shows you EXACTLY where the handguns are


the crime-free town I grew up in

The Journal News, a print and online newspaper, part of the Gannett media group which is NOT owned by Rupert Murdoch, has once again published a listing of the pistol permit owners in Rockland and Westchester Counties in New York. Right to privacy? What’s that? But this time around they’ve taken it up a notch, and their online version uses scalable maps that include house numbers and satellite view. Son of a bitch. Zoom in close, and there’s my mother’s car in the driveway. Click the colored dot ... and up comes the name, address, and zip code. Thank God they can’t read too well, and listed us as NULL.

The maps do not show who owns a rifle or a shotgun, since no New York permit is needed for either. They also show up the variations in New York’s handgun permitting processes, which are largely left up to the individual counties. So Rockland County has lifelong permits which they never update, while Westchester County has permits that need to be renewed ($$) every five years. And the newspaper makes the effort to point this out; some hits in Rockland might be for people who have moved away or died.

Map: Where are the gun permits in your neighborhood?

The map indicates the addresses of all pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties. Each dot represents an individual permit holder licensed to own a handgun — a pistol or revolver. The data does not include owners of long guns — rifles or shotguns — which can be purchased without a permit. Being included in this map does not mean the individual at a specific location owns a weapon, just that they are licensed to do so.

Data for all permit categories, unrestricted carry, premises, business, employment, target and hunting, is included, but permit information is not available on an individual basis.

Those rat bastard left wing stinkers in the media. You do this thinking you’re going to make people feel safe? You effin’ d-bags. And they’re almost apologetic that they can’t give you specific categorical data. (what they don’t know is that anyone with half a brain who fills out a NY permit writes “hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, camping, jogging, target shooting, home protection” in that order in the “Reason” space. IIRC there is no specific CCW in NY, but there is also no rule that says you have to open carry when engaged in any qualifying activity ... and you can jog or hike or bike anywhere in any kind of clothing.)

OTOH, this article is a godsend to criminals. Hey, no pistols at this house, let’s rob it. Or if a bit of recon shows a lady home there in the daytime, we could break in then for a bit of rapey fun. WTH, even if they do own a rifle or a shotgun, it’s either in the closet or under the bed. If we’re fast she’ll never have a chance. And we know there’s no dog there either.

On the third hand, probably only one firearms owner in four or five owns handguns. On my old street just about every other house has pistols. So multiply the number of dots on the maps by 4 or more, and you’ll get an idea for just how many homes in those two counties have guns in them. Damn near all of them, when you come right down to it. And in general, both counties have extremely low crime rates. Purely coincidental? I think not.

But still, this publicizing crap reeks of Leftist Agenda and is a nasty pawn attack in the never ending game of Disarm The Populace.  County records may be public by law, but pistol permits ought to be Mind Your Own Damn Business.

Just wait until they do this for some counties in New Jersey, where every kind of firearms ownership is by permit. I bet this Blue State would show up as one great huge Red Dot. And that would be just the “legal” guns.

PS - no one in their right mind is going to go through the expense and hassle of obtaining a pistol permit in New York and then not going out and buying a pistol. Duh. Well, maybe one in ten thousand. Maybe.

The gun owner next door: What you don’t know about the weapons in your neighborhood


Combined with laws that allow the purchase of rifles and shotguns without a permit, John Thompson, a program manager for Project SNUG at the Yonkers Family YMCA [an anti-gun group. guns spelled backwards, get it, means no guns!], said that leaves the public knowing little about the types of deadly weapons that might be right next door.

“I would love to know if someone next to me had guns. It makes me safer to know so I can deal with that,” said Thompson, whose group counsels youths against gun violence. “I might not choose to live there.”

There ya go: a fat liberal fuck in a nutshell: his feeewings trump your rights. He not only wants to know that you own them, but how many and what kind. Nerve much? But that’s where we are in Police State America; if you need a permit to own a pistol in your town, then this exact same thing can AND WILL happen to you. Why not build a national map? It’s just a bigger FOIA response.

Small update:when the news makes the news: Fox News reports on The Journal News’ article. And says folks ain’t happy with it.

A local New York newspaper is drawing the ire of its readers after publishing an interactive map that shows the names and addresses of thousands of residents who have handgun permits.

Another small update: ABC chimes in with their own “news about the news” piece on this. Free caulk to the first person who can tell me what’s wrong with the picture, and then name one of the famous models of pistol that solved that problem!

The paper tells ABC

We also requested information on the number and types of guns owned by permit holders, but officials in the county clerks offices in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam counties maintained that those specifics were not public record,” the statement read.

“New York’s top public-records expert, Robert Freeman, disagrees,” it added.

Ruh roh, Reorge. In NY, each time you acquire a pistol it goes on the permit. Even black powder guns, sortof; when you own one of those, and shot and powder, then you have to have it listed. No ammo, then it’s just a paperweight. If they get those data and publish them, there’s going to be quite a list under my name NULL. I’m not sure what happens when more than one person at an address has a permit.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/26/2012 at 04:21 PM   
  1. The area criminals rapists and psychos are greatful to the paper for making them safer.

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   12/26/2012  at  08:17 PM  
  2. Ace of Spades posted a link to somebody who retorted by publishing the names, addresses, phone numbers, facebook profiles, etc.—all public information as well—of all the jackasses employed by the paper.

    Turnabout is fair play in my book.

    Posted by Friar Bob    United States   12/27/2012  at  12:56 AM  
  3. you would need some moon clips to chamber up the .45 acp in the revolver, unless you had a model 1917 s&w.

    Posted by StephanA    United States   12/27/2012  at  01:54 AM  
  4. StephanA, the caulk is yours!!! WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!

    BTW, that was actually a secret test, a bit of fishing to find another deeply knowledgeable gun person. I know we have a few of them here, and I’m glad to have found another. I’ll be looking forward to your opinions on that subject from now on.

    Email me your address and the caulk - good stuff too! - will be on it’s way!

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/27/2012  at  04:55 AM  
  5. I’ll be curious to see how this affects the crime rate in this area, will it go up as legal gun owners are targeted OR will it go down as criminals avoid those houses where they could end up shot by breaking in?

    I so want to post the “This house protected by the 2nd Amendment” sign in our yard - but happen to like the neighbors on both sides.

    Posted by jackal40    United States   12/27/2012  at  01:39 PM  
  6. A FB group published a picture of the home of the guy who wrote the article. As you said, turnabout is fair play. (Even says it in the Bible - what you sow, you reap).

    The sad thing is - no one mentions that people with legal gun purchases and carry permits have background checks (FBI, NICS) - which should make communities WANT more people like this living in their areas!

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/27/2012  at  01:41 PM  
  7. There ya go, thinking and being logical again. When will you ever learn?? Don’t think, just emote. And never EVER let the thought enter your heart (cuz you got no brain) than anyone should be responsible for, or held accountable for, their actions. Blame anyone and anything, including the tools. Now go hide in your basement and tremble in fear, waiting for Big Daddy government to pull utopia out of a magic hat and make the world perfect overnight, with sparkly rainbows and chocolate unicorn farts free for everyone. Kumbayah.

    It is their fervent belief that ANYONE who owns a gun is not just a potential murderer, but a red-eyed psychopath boiling on the very edge of explosive insanity. Just like all our soldiers, who are baby killers and assassins waiting for their chance to go rogue, anyone with a gun is liable to get a minor hangnail and then go on a neighborhood shooting spree. Probably with torture and bondage as well. That’s the emotional, infantile attitude of the unhinged far left. Which, unfortunately, is the media and the government. They are batshit insane.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/27/2012  at  03:34 PM  
  8. Now if ever a libtard batshit seriously needed a stomach wound, that ass-wipe is surely it.
    He says he wouldn’t want to live next door to a gun owner. So what happens if the guy next door buys one. Is the libtard gonna pack up and move?

    That map is surely an open invite to the bad and ugly. Should something actually happen at one of the homes shown, I wonder if they’d have a case in law. Jeesh. What a world we have.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   12/28/2012  at  02:34 PM  
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