cops frighten bad guys by using the dreaded …. “CAUTION” penalty.

Steve says:


Hey, that’s us okay. Oh yeah. Why we’re so aggressive that when we can’t find someone to pick a fight with, we beat the crap out of ourselves.

Sure thing.  We’re sick and we’re aggressive.  I guess Stevie forgot about this sick story that held the country’s attention for a year. Steve may have been asleep while this was in the news.
He became known as Baby p. He wasn’t even two years old.

Treated like a dog, used as a punchbag: The life and death of a baby boy called ‘Smiley’

By Vanessa Allen and Colin Fernandez

Baby P’s happy smile masked months of pain and terror inflicted by his mother and stepfather.

The toddler was speaking his first words and had already learned to call his mother’s boyfriend ‘dad’.

In return, he was used as a punchbag by the sadistic thug who trained him ‘like a dog’ - the child instinctively put his head to the floor when the brute approached.

Known to family as Smiley, the toddler would be wrapped in layers of clothing until he began sweating and gasping for air.

This image doesn’t even show a quarter of what was done.

When police searched the family home, they found dog mess and human faeces on the floor and rat holes burrowed into the walls. The bodies of dead chicks, mice and a dismembered rabbit were strewn around along with items of pornography.

The baby’s cot and bedroom walls were stained with his blood. He weighed as little as a child five months younger and had been inflicting pain on himself by headbutting walls and floors.

Social workers and doctors had seen many of his bruises and other injuries and raised suspicions that he was being abused. Police even arrested his mother twice but decided there was too little evidence to prosecute.

Crucially, none of them knew that she had moved her pain-obsessed lover into her home. She was desperate to keep her son - and the £450-a-month child benefit and other pay-outs - and kept the man’s presence a secret.

Dear reader, if that sickens you let me tell you it gets worse from there.  If you need more, simple Google Baby P.  But hey, Americans are sick and aggressive. Right?

Both mother and live in friend were jailed. But not life. And if ever the death penalty was warranted, this has to be it. Oh damn. There I go again getting all aggressive.

Thug who blinded university student in one eye in random attack is let off by police with a CAUTION

. Matthew Noblett, 20, from Chorley, Lancashire, was hit outside a pub
· He needed 170 stitches in his right eyeball to stop it collapsing
· He will never regain vision in the eye and is now registered disabled
· Noblett said his 16-year-old attacker should have gone to court

By Becky Evans

A university student blinded when he was beaten in the street said he is ‘shaking with rage’ that his attacker has been let off with a warning.
Matthew Noblett, 20, was hit in the face with such force that he needed 170 stitches in his right eyeball during surgery to save it from collapse.

Doctors have warned Matthew he will never regain his full vision and could still face losing his eye altogether.
A 16-year-old admitted assaulting Matthew in Chorley, Lancashire, and escaped court action when he accepted a caution.

The student victim, who now has to register as disabled, said he will never forgive his attacker.
‘This lad was just given a police caution and anyone can see it’s not enough.

‘I will never forgive him for what he’s done. His actions are going to have a massive effect on me for the rest of my life but he appears to have got away with it.
‘Police say he has already been reprimanded and that he’d admitted punching me - but then they and the lad only thought I’d been scratched above the eyebrow. The truth is very different.

I’ve gone through an awful operation and may even lose my eye forever. He needs to go to court for what he’s done.’

His father Joseph said he has ‘no respect for what the police have done’.
He said: ‘I had to go to court and got a £60 fine for having the spacing on my private registration plate wrong. Yet this lad has left my son blind in one eye and gets off scot-free. Where’s the justice in that? Matthew will now be affected for the rest of his life.


Yup. We sure are an aggressive people. And maybe the only ones.

I could fill this page with a lot more as you all know. No need to add any more then this item. Boy those “cautions” the cops give out must really scare the bad guys.  But then, at least they aren’t aggressive about it.


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/26/2012 at 10:30 PM   
  1. Sick f**ks. Shooting is too good for those mo-fos.

    Forget where I saw it - maybe it was here at BMEWS - but someone referred to the place as ‘the Britain formerly known as Great’.

    Sad but true… not that we’re much behind…

    Posted by CenTexTim    United States   12/27/2012  at  03:51 AM  
  2. Sick, sick people - and of course they get a pass - which is why life is so dangerous right now.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/27/2012  at  01:42 PM  
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