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Found on a Yahoo news site with regard to the bru-haha over Piers Morgan on CNN.

If you’re an American reading this you already know by this late date what the issue is. For those who don’t, here’s a taste. And the issue is guns and gun control.

Piers Morgan: Thousands Want Him Deported

Thousands of Americans have signed a petition calling for British CNN host Piers Morgan to be deported over his criticism of the country’s gun laws.
By noon on Christmas Eve, the petition - which is posted on the White House website - had garnered more than 31,000 signatures, surpassing the 25,000 required to get a response from the US government.
Mr Morgan tweeted about the petition: “If I do get deported from America for wanting fewer gun murders, are there any other countries that will have me?”
The outspoken former Daily Mirror editor has called for tighter gun control measures.

btw ... I understand that the signatures are now 40,000.
No need to post the entire article. What got me was some of the posted comments like the one here.  Take a look. And it’s from a Brit of course.

Many people posting comments seem to be unaware that it is NOT an issue of free speech.  Many have posted the question about America’s 1st amendment right to free speech.  Some have asked, is that only for Americans?
Somehow, they don’t seem to quite get the idea that Morgan can have all the free speech he wants. BUT.  He is a foreigner living and working in the USA. He isn’t a citizen, thank God, and so while he is free to say what he wants, we really do not believe his lobbying and insisting we alter our gun laws is his business.
Of course, Brits allow that here all the time so to them it’s quite natural to allow some half baked self appointed foreign loud mouth to tell them how to run their country.  Here are a few comments to chuckle over.

The second amendment covers hunting guns and hand guns with a 6 bullet revolving barrel, not the modern development of weapons of mass destruction.
A similar restriction was brought in over here a few years ago and nothing really violent has taken place since, success.

Say what?  That guy must live in a cave somewhere on another planet.

Then there’s ….

Touched a nerve, some Americans still think they are living in the Wild West.

And there is this from yet another Brit who obviously doesn’t know what is happening in his own country.

Land of the free, a country that upholds freedom of speech, America you are becoming laughable on the world stage as you crumble from within.

That remark needed a reply.

Well sir, based on everything I read and see here in your country, your cookie has not only crumbled already, it’s become dust. You’ve given up your county’s sovereignty to the EU and EU human rights courts, that don’t even allow you to deport terrorists. No, you keep them here at .... wait for it .... YOUR EXPENSE. That’s assuming you pay taxes of course, and I would bet you do. Your street crime is about the worst in Europe, and Brits appear to be in a huge hurry to give away their country. And there are takers out there you can bet. Your immigration troubles are really gonna get much worse by next year. In a year’s time, when a total of 29 million Bulgarians (and Romanians) gain the right to live, work, and claim state benefits in Britain under EU ‘freedom of movement’ rules. Yeah, my country is gonna crumble. That statement is itself laughable. Bad as things may be back home, it still won’t become quite as bad as things are here.
Cos we are armed. And things like the following would not be tolerated in this way in the states you can be sure.

Thug who blinded university student in one eye in random attack is let off by police with a CAUTION

A caution. Woo-hoo. And how about those ASBOS? hey-hey. Those really put the frighteners on street thugs, didn’t they? Sure thing. We can all see how well that worked. The thing about that headline above is, it is so common here that it hardly raises an eyebrow anymore. And to make matters even worse, there’s no means to self defense in any meaningful way.
Crumble? Look to home if you want to see crumble.

And finally, at least one post from Wales that is right on target.

Leftie-liberals like Piers only start caring about freedom of speech when his own agitating words are under scrutiny.

- David Thomas, North Wales, 25/12/2012 17:56

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/26/2012 at 10:00 AM   
  1. Wasn’t that Welsh comment absolutely spot on? Amazing!

    Posted by cmblake6    United States   12/26/2012  at  07:46 PM  
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Next entry: guess who's coming to dinner? is this what britain joined the eu for? I doubt it.


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