this place is just soooooo much more civilized than the usa cos they kill with sharp things, no guns

This is a heck of a story to be posting on this of all evenings. Evening for us anyway.
Had I seen this before reading a bunch of anti-American comments over the shooting of those firemen, I might have held off. But no.
I want people to continue to see the mayhem here. OK, they do not all have guns to do the dirty work, but is it any more civilized?  I wouldn’t say so. But the damn smug holier than thou comments made at the Mail just burn me up. And then too the many who say “oh I’m glad I don’t live in a place like America.”
I’m glad too that they aren’t in my country.

Hunting knives, gas mask, crossbow and mallet: Terrifying haul of weapons found on man who attacked woman in the street with 2ft-long samurai sword

Woman is seriously hurt in random sword attack in north London early this morning
A man was found at the scene with swords, a cross bow, hunting knives and a gas mask
The 25-year-old is currently being questioned by detectives
Police today praised a lone officer who bravely tackled the man
Local residents described hearing the woman scream ‘like an animal’

By Steve Nolan


Residents living close to the scene in Holloway Road, north London, described hearing the woman screaming ‘like an animal’ as she was slashed repeatedly with a two foot long sword.

A lone policeman bravely stepped in and tackled the man while the 22-year-old woman lay bleeding heavily on the floor following the attack.

The sergeant tackled the man and escaped unhurt despite his best efforts to attack the policeman with the sword.


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/24/2012 at 05:45 PM   
  1. Terrifying?  I’ve got all that stuff in my closet, plus a few other “items”
    Terrifying?  Looks like a good time to me, but then no one would get hurt by my stuff.
    Unless they pissed me off…

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   12/25/2012  at  07:50 PM  
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