see and read pull hair …. these idiots haven’t a clue. talk about sheep

Well hell, how could I not?  Try reading some of the idiot comments on America at the end of the article. Like one guy who vows to never visit the USA. Oh, we are gonna miss that. When do we cry?

This is one of more than one on the subject of those awful Yanks and their gun crazed country, in the same issue of the Mail. Which btw is not a liberal paper.

Anyway, see ALL the photos.  Most are obviously meant to show gun owners in a less intelligent light.
There are quite a few.  And so the seeds are carefully planted to show how wrong and out of step we are and morons buy into it ALL.

Trigger-happy families: After the school massacre that horrified the world, meet the U.S homeowners armed to the teeth - and ready to kill

American gun owners pose with weapons and explain why they bear arms
‘Guns make us safe’ Jennifer, Washington
The world is a dangerous place’ Danielle, Pennsylvania

By Daily Mail Reporter


Following the shocking murder of 20 children and seven adults at Sandy Hook last week, the debate surrounding gun control laws in the U.S has been reignited.

This week President Obama has promised to bring in reforms while the powerful gun lobbyists the National Rifle Association says the answer is for armed security officers in schools.

In this series of eye-opening pictures, gun-owning Americans pose with their deadly arsenal of weaponry and explain why they feel the need to bear arms.


There are a total of 226 replies but look at rating at this first comment.
2217 was the number of those who approved the comment.

The most powerful nation on earth with the highest population of idiots.

- joe.b , luton, United Kingdom, 22/12/2012 10:08
Rating 2217

I couldn’t imagine keeping a gun in my home. The US are gun crazy and this is why these tragic shootings happen.

- Loopy , Beaconsfield, 22/12/2012 10:08

Look how proud they look with their guns, pathetic! You need gun laws like the uk and maybe things like that wouldn’t happen!

- mjm , Birmingham, 22/12/2012 10:08

The pictures with kids in are so irresponsible it reminds me of images we see of the taliban kids, its disgraceful how one person can be allowed to own so many deadly weapons.

- Eye in the sky , northampton, United Kingdom, 22/12/2012 10:06

what a sad sick nation , what is this country so afraid of

- puggy wuggy , torquay, United Kingdom, 22/12/2012 09:57

What scares me the most about this articles are the children posing in the photo’s with a firearm in their hands. Complete madness.

- The Magis Genie , Staffordshire, United Kingdom, 22/12/2012 09:57

I`m just glad that I live in Beautiful Blighty.

- Neejur Kryakshun , AlittlecornerofBlighty, 22/12/2012 09:56

Stupid, stupid people. Thank God I haven’t the slightest desire to travel to the nut-house that is America.

- Telling It As It Is , Birmingham, 22/12/2012 09:56

These folks are happy to wait for the home invasion, the theft, the rape. Or maybe they think it can never happen to them. But if it does, as my wife says of these jerks;

Why they will offer a seat to the intruder and offer them tea and suggest perhaps the bad guy would like to discuss things with the intended victim.

This reasoning tho is a favorite. Take a look at this fool.

‘I figured that since the bad guys had guns, I should have one, too’ 2 wrongs dont make a right.

- TBA, Wellard, Australia, 22/12/2012 9:39

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/22/2012 at 04:55 PM   
  1. People who have never had their lives or their families lives or their neighbors lives threatened are not relavent to any discussion of firearems and should not intrude where reality based adults are having conversations.  So STFU because you are in no danger from Americans with guns.  Worry about muslims with guns now that they own your country.

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   12/22/2012  at  05:56 PM  
  2. I like Ted Nugent’s Clear Statement.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    Canada   12/22/2012  at  06:01 PM  
  3. I might have to email Ted and the NRA - KENNESAW, GA - Enacted mandatory head-of-household gun ownership (3 exceptions) in 1982. Since then (30 years) - the 3 murders - were in gun free zones (i.e. the schools).

    I have/want a gun in America - because it is a RIGHT - and I enjoy shooting (wish I could afford it right now) and because I want to be able to hunt (when we can afford that) - or if I really need to, to feed my family. Actually to defend my home - is the VERY LAST THING I THINK OF, BECAUSE I STILL WONDER IF I COULD SHOOT ANOTHER HUMAN

    Charlton Heston said it best - OUT OF MY COLD DEAD HANDS

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/22/2012  at  06:12 PM  
  4. Last Christmas I got my grandson (then 15 years old) a 20 gauge over/under shotgun, because (1) he’s a responsible young man, (2) his parents are responsible, knowledgeable gun owners, and (3) he asked for it. This Christmas I got his sister, my granddaughter (14 y.o.), a .22 rifle for basically the same reasons. That’s our family tradition and culture, and if anyone doesn’t like it they should go piss up a rope.

    Posted by CenTexTim    United States   12/22/2012  at  06:16 PM  
  5. There were at least 3 guns in the house I grew up in, more like 6 I think, and my wife and I currently own more than a dozen. Rifles, pistols, shotguns. And a rather shockingly large amount of ammunition, plus the ability to churn out lots more. Several bows and arrows in a closet somewhere too IIRC.

    And yet we’ve never shot anyone, not even accidentally. Come to think of it, we’ve never pointed one at anyone, nor gone and grabbed one in the heat of an argument. Conversely, we’ve always lived in decent towns where the threat of random street violence or home invasion is all but non-existent.

    But somehow I’ve managed to acquire more knowledge about firearms, their uses, laws pertaining to them, their function, varieties, and their effects than almost everyone. I’m not crowing; it’s just something I’ve been learning about for 35+ years here and there, since it piqued my interest as a boy. It always surprises me a bit that everyone else doesn’t know this stuff too, since so much of it is in front of us all time.

    Little Drew, watching some old cowboy movie on TV: “Dad, what kind of gun is that guy shooting?”
    Dad: It’s a six-shooter.
    LD: Six? So why did he shoot it 9 or 10 times?
    Dad: Because that’s the movies son. It’s all make believe; you have to pretend to yourself that he reloaded it really quickly.
    LD: While jumping over that canyon on his horse, after the indians put 4 arrows in him?
    Dad: Yup.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/22/2012  at  06:43 PM  
  6. 537366860_R2P97-L.jpg

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/22/2012  at  06:51 PM  
  7. Look, my dad served a tour in the army AND one as a Marine and was a certified Sharpshooter in the Corp so I got the Full Monty on having guns around the house. Frankly, they scared me some but I always knew they were a normal thing in the house and not to be fucked around with and definitely Not a Toy.. Now one sits right by my side on my desk here,Just in case.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/22/2012  at  09:16 PM  
  8. Coming from england and only once firing a real gun I feel I am quite objective here, it is just stupid to blame the gun, banning them just caused deep trouble and lots of deaths in the UK the only legislation I would want to see is to train anyone with a carry permit to use it competently!

    Posted by Chris Edwards    Canada   12/22/2012  at  10:29 PM  
  9. All those inane commenters are, in my opinion, a bunch of Euro-Faggots!

    Posted by Macker    United States   12/24/2012  at  08:36 PM  
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