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Did I write this article I’m about to link to? No. But a whole lot of it sounds like I did. Well, when I’m in a calm and considerate mood. Opposed to my usual “Hulk mad, smash!!” mood.

Anyway, anything and everything about gun control in one half hour essay. Written by a professional author who also happens to be a professional part of the gun culture. Unlike me, still bitterly clinging to my civvie status in both fields. grin

Anyway, read it if you’d like, and remember as much of it as you can. And always stay calm in the face of contentious adversity. Laugh to yourself as the loonies loose it, and remain factual.

the ultimate “gun conversation” link.

... and yet, in the comments, you’ll see remarks by people who didn’t even bother to read it, shooting off their mouths. Or from those who did read, but it was in one eye and out the other, without ever stopping off at the brain. We’re up against willful blindness here. Invincible ignorance. 

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/21/2012 at 07:38 PM   
  1. Went to the link.  A lot there and so have printed out 23 pages to take upstairs shortly.
    Exhausted! With much left to do. So damn much going on. Published here today a statement from some of our favorite senators with regard to “the stain on our national honor” as the result of “torture” yadda yadda.  Oh great. Say this crap publicly. What stain? Not among anyone we should consider friends and not among anyone we should pay any attention to.


    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   12/21/2012  at  08:32 PM  
  2. Something else I saw from KARL DENNINGER at Insty keeps it simple and direct:

    They may choose to delegate this responsibility to others, as Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama have, but your right to life is not inferior to theirs. It is equal. President Obama has no more right to live than you do. You are his equal from the standpoint of what your creator, and his creator, endowed both of you with.

    So we have established that you have the right to live, as does the President. And if the President has the right to defend his life with deadly force, and indeed the responsibility to do so, then, should it be necessary, so do you.

    This debate should end right there. Up until all of these people in political office disband their police forces, their Secret Service details, throw down their own arms, armored cars, body armor and other defensive means of interdicting assault they have nothing — not even a moral argument — behind them in their demand that you disarm and become an intentional victim — no matter who you are.

    two_thumbs_up  two_thumbs_up  two_thumbs_up  beer_drinker

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/21/2012  at  09:40 PM  
  3. yeah, I saw that too. Awesome. Don’t wait up late waiting though.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/21/2012  at  09:49 PM  
  4. BTW, It’s December 21st,Where is OUR Apocolypse??????????
    Oh wait, ours was on November 6th,Never Mind!

    crying 1

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/21/2012  at  09:57 PM  
  5. It gets even better:
    Obama officially nominates John Fucking Kerry to be next Sec of State.
    I really feel sorry for the Isreali’s. But on the bright side,Lurch will see eye to eye with all the other hardline Marxists around the world. John and Hugo sittin in a tree,,,,,,,,,,

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/21/2012  at  11:03 PM  
  6. Rich, LURCH!
    That’s right.  Been driving me bonkers trying to remember who he reminds me of. Besides a cadaver. It’s our old friend Lurch.  Thanks.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   12/22/2012  at  04:38 PM  
  7. I have the Addams family on Netflix. Still funny and yes, I saw it on its first run back in the sixties.
    But I don’t need a nap nurse,,,LOL

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/22/2012  at  09:31 PM  
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