MADonna, the has-been slag as uv never seen or heard her

Yeah well, you are a stupid fuckin self possessed ego maniacal bag of has-been shit.

I really wish someone somewhere would delete this worthless slag. Really I do.

Here ya go folks.  Here’s what happens when someone of a minor talent or none at all, somehow becomes an icon of some sort and the tone deaf and tasteless younger crowd buy into the hype. She is now God. She can decide what you see here, and tell ppl what to do in an open air setting, just cos SHE does not approve.

A couple of years ago, her brother did an interview in which he described her controlling behavior and her over the top sense of self worth.  Now we know that ppl should have some sense of that but hey.  She really does love,love herself. People were critical of him for his comments, but here we see first hand an example by her, of just what she is like.  She seems to forget perhaps some are ticket buyers. Although I can’t understand why. I suspect most go to see her gyrate and have sex with herself, which has been her act since forever. And sex sells. Be raunchy, get rich.

The Like A Prayer star said: ‘You don’t care about me? I don’t care about you. All right? Are we going to play that game?

‘I’m not kidding. I can’t sing if you smoke. Entiendes?

‘If you love me then don’t smoke. No smoking.

‘You’re looking right at me and smoking cigarettes, like I’m a stupid f**king idiot.’

That is some of what the would be world dictator told a small audience overseas during a sound check. Imagine that. A simple sound check, she sees one or two ppl smoking, and she explodes. 
Tell ya what, speaking of explodes. She is in a part of the world that can be pretty violent.  With any luck, one of these folks will decide their honor or manhood has been demeaned by this white,blond Yankee bitch and, BOOM!  Oh what a pleasant thought. No, that’s too quick for her. Something a bit slower so she can dwell upon her final ego powered mistake, before things turn to black. 

‘If you love me don’t smoke!’ Irate Madonna threatens to cancel outdoor show when she spots fans smoking during soundcheck


Even her biggest supporters will admit she is something of a diva.

And Madonna lived up to her hard earned reputation by threatening fans in Chile that she would pull out of her show if they do not stop smoking.

This was despite the fact the Like A Virgin favourite was playing at an outdoor arena in the South American country on Wednesday.

The drama, which was caught on video by fans, began when the aging popstrel caught a whiff of second hand smoke at the sound check before her performance in Santiago.

Madonna, 54, said: ‘There are people smoking right now. No smoking!

‘If you’re going to smoke cigarettes, I’m not doing a show.’

And when her rant, which she made in English to the Spanish speaking audience, did not have the desired effect she became even more irate.

the has been hag, scroll down and see/hear video

The same woman who was promoting the use of drugs in club culture earlier this year to get down with the kids - she really appears to be suffering from a number of senior moments / hypocrite syndrome
- suzie , london, 21/12/2012 17:31

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/21/2012 at 07:23 PM   
  1. That over-aged whore says “if you love me don’t smoke!” I don’t smoke, but for that, anybody got a Cohiba?

    Posted by Red Five    United States   12/21/2012  at  08:13 PM  
  2. I wonder if she is really the Bastard child of Anna Wintour. They do share a common cuntyness.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/21/2012  at  10:00 PM  
  3. I have vision in my head of the entire audience lighting up at once, and Madonna’s head exploding.  The woman is a mental case.

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   12/23/2012  at  02:58 PM  
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