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How bad is this? Imagine having to put up with this little turd.
And of course, the parents get all upset at the school.

I have never been nor did I ever want to be a parent.  Just never had that instinct.  So what I say is based on not thinking like one.

I think the school, one of the teachers maybe, should have arranged a little accident for the little monster.

Just you wait and see.  Somewhere in the unknown future, his victim waits, unaware. 

Parents furious after little Logan is expelled from infant school for stealing, vandalism and kicking teacher in the face - and he’s still only FIVE years old

His parents say he is always a ‘happy and polite’ child at home
Primary school child was suspended four times in his first year of school

By Emma Reynolds

A five-year-old boy who stole fruit, threw equipment around and attacked pupils and staff has been expelled - for kicking his teacher in the face.

Logan Steed was kicked out of Powers Hall Infant School in Witham, Essex, after being suspended four times in his first year for hitting, biting and punching pupils and staff.

He was told not to come back after teachers tried every disciplinary method they could come up with - even disrupting the class by evacuating every other child when Logan caused trouble.

The final straw came when Logan was sitting on a chair and kicked his teacher in the face as she bent over.

He cannot face any charges for his bad behaviour as an older child might, however, because the age of criminal responsibility is ten.

His parents, who are separated, say he is well-behaved at home and claim the school has ‘thrown him on the scrap heap’ rather than give him the special attention he needs.

Father Cameron, 27, a care home manager from Witham, Essex, said: ‘They said they had to exclude him to ensure the safety of the staff and other pupils.

‘But I don’t understand how a five-year-old can pose so much of a threat.

‘The school deserves some credit because they have worked with us, but they should not have given up on Logan. Not so soon. He is only five.

‘They must have been able to help us find an alternative. Once you expel such a young child it is with them for their whole life.

‘It feels like the school has not stuck to their end of the deal.

‘At home Logan is a happy, polite kid. He helps me with the cleaning. He is a happy little lad.

‘Logan used to come home and tell us about what he had enjoyed at school that day - now he has been thrown on the scrap heap.’

A headteacher’s report dated November 20 states: ‘Logan’s recent behaviour has involved him kicking, biting, pinching and punching adults and children and throwing school equipment or threatening to throw school equipment at staff and children.

‘School records show that on the first day in our school (06/09/11) he hit, kicked and pushed other children and threw things around the room.’

The report details the incident where Logan is said to have kicked a teacher in the face on November 13.

It states: ‘[...] he was sitting and the member of staff was holding his arms. He kicked his legs up straight into the member of staff’s face.

‘She let go of his arms and he ran off to the library.’

The school took several steps to avoid expulsion, including one-to-one support from the head teacher, sticker charts, allowing him to do his activities in any order.

But Logan was permanently expelled after kicking a female teacher - who has still not been identified to his parents.

Mother Laura, 22, a chef from Braintree, Essex, said: ‘Before Logan started school we did not know he had this side to him. It is like we are talking about two completely different boys.

‘At home he does exactly what he is told and we have never seen him do any of the things that school say he did.

‘He is a really clever boy and now that is being wasted. We would do anything for him.’

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Oh this little bastard is “clever” alright. He has learned at age five, how to pull the wool over grown up eyes. Except that is, those who have already been exposed to the creep.  Watch out world, coming to a neighborhood somewhere soon. Maybe .... yours?  Hmmmmmm?


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