post tragedy in ct., here’s a lesson on civilization from this side of the pond

This is yet another ‘mild’ example of the letters to the press published every day.
This one under the title:

When will US see sense on guns?

It is almost 220 years since the Second Amendment to the American Constitution gave their citizens the right to bear arms – will it be another 220 until they realize it was a mistake?  In 1791 guns were almost as dangerous to the user as the intended victim. Unfortunately this is now not the case.  Obama is a master of mock sincerity and will pontificate and do nothing.  How many more tragedies before sanity prevails?
David Pimblett
Horbury, Uk

Wish I had a way to forward the link to the story mentioned here, re. girl defends self and home. With a gun.

I am surrounded by the most uninformed American critics imaginable.  Sure, we aren’t above some honest criticism.  Yes, I do understand that these folks do NOT understand our culture, and so slam us at every opportunity.  It never occurs to them that for many American who do not own rifles and do not hunt, still feel safer with a gun in the home against the worst.  A good example of which was the 12 year old girl who shot and wounded an intruder just recently.  You may recall the story, posted here.

Kendra St. Clair, 12, said she was just doing what she had to when she shot a home intruder Wednesday in Durant, OK.

It did NOT make the news on this side of the Atlantic. I got the story cos our RichK was alert and surfing.

And you will remember this one bit of civilization at work.

Bodybuilder ‘who beat girlfriend black and blue’ walks free from court when she fails to give evidence (because blundering CPS told her wrong time to appear)

How about this?

A murder by a criminal on bail is committed every ten days, and the real number could be even higher

Yeah, that’s all very civilized okay. People who have been reading BMEWS and my posts over time, will know I have left out enough to cover a year. AT least.
From the failed ASBOS that street punks wore as a badge of honor, and for those new here from outside the UK, ASBO stands for; Anti Social Behavior Order.
The punishment is severe and cruel and frightening but ALWAYS maintains the civil and human rights of the thug in question.  Sure is scary.  Unpaid community work, which they sometimes do not even show up for.  I guess that’s one of their human rights.  Then there were curfews. Oh yeah. Poor things had to be in by like maybe 7pm and couldn’t go out to prey on the public again til 7 the next morning. Maybe it was 8. Doesn’t matter. Point is, it was all very civilized. 

And so fellow citizens I leave you with the words of our Bmews Poet Laureate, Rich K. With our thanks.

When Britain can support a civilized society of 316 million with as LITTLE gun violence as we have with no real Controls on everyday type guns THEN they can lecture us on the subject.Until then;FUCK OFF!
Posted by Rich K United States

Alright. Enough of that.  Let’s see what civilization has to offer in today’s news.

Running for his life: Gangsters on rival turf chased and killed an innocent 17-year-old student who was ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’
· Kwame Ofosu-Asare was mistaken for a rival gang member

· Two teenagers ‘who showed no remorse’ stabbed him fourteen times
· Idiabeta jailed for 19 years and Okusanya for 20 years today
· Idiabeta was in youth court on day of attack for breaching bail conditions
· Okusanya told police: ‘Everyone gets stabbed, everyone goes to jail, that’s how life is’

By Larisa Brown


Gangsters chased and killed an innocent 17-year-old student after mistaking him for a rival gang member.
CCTV footage shows victim Kwame Ofosu-Asare who was ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’ running away from Nelson Idiabeta, then 17, and Nathaniel Okusanya, then 18.
Moments after the teenagers were captured running after him and a friend, Kwame was stabbed 14 times in the back in a ‘cowardly and merciless’ murder.
The 17-year-old was mistaken for a rival in a ‘poisonous and senseless’ gang war, a court heard today as Idiabeta and Okusanya were jailed for life.

source for and read a pair of alley oops

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/19/2012 at 02:16 PM   
  1. And that would be a “highly diverse” civilized society too. Back when the UK was essentially monochromatic - ie, the land of white people - lethally violent crime was much lower.

    No, I’m not blaming the blacks for UK’s current crime stats. But the one thing all those flighty types always miss when yodeling on and on about how wonderful and peaceful this euro state or that one is, is that the populations in those countries has been pretty much heterogeneous for many many centuries. All filled with people just like each other. To do violence to people not like themselves, they had to start wars. Which they did, about every 20 years, since Roman times or before. That generational warfare only ended AFTER American soldiers, armed to the teeth, flooded the continent and kept the peace since 1945.

    And today? My oh my, such a surprise: since their far-left nuLabor open door policies have flooded all those nations with huge waves of highly diverse peoples, crime has skyrocketed. Violence has skyrocketed. Rape has skyrocketed right off the charts. Golly gosh.

    America has been a highly ethnically diverse nation since the early 1960s, Prior to that we were “Caucasianaly” diverse since the 1840s. Prior to that we were pretty much nothing but English and Scots and Germans and Swedes. Four groups of white people who are actually very closely related, all of whom had a common violent enemy to deal with (red injuns and sometimes the Fwench).

    So when europe gets all “melting pot”, let’s look at those numbers. Plus, the huge populations, as Rich pointed out. And the freedom part, as he also pointed out.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/19/2012  at  05:11 PM  
  2. Do tell me how is the absolute hand gun ban working out in the UK then? even with the relatively few legal handguns in the UK prior to the ban the ill thought out ban did nothing to make the place safer but did ensure that there were and still are plenty of illegal ones available! can anyone explain how making them illegal will deter someone from getting one anyway when their original intent is to break the law anyway?

    Posted by Chris Edwards    Canada   12/20/2012  at  01:58 AM  
  3. Here’s the punch line:

    Without the right of self defense and the means to carry that out, you have no rights at all.

    Posted by Dr. Jeff    United States   12/20/2012  at  07:10 AM  
  4. Timely comment Doc.
    Another letter in another paper this morn.  A lady writes to say that people who think they need to keep a gun for safety’s sake, who fear their fellow countrymen that much, are a people who she says, live in constant fear of those countrymen.
    According to this bright light, only sportsmen and hunters and women are excluded from her fear factor, as I suppose she thinks only women have a legit right to have fear.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   12/20/2012  at  10:30 AM  
  5. 99.999% of my countrymen don’t worry me. Liberals may disgust me, but I’m usually not worried about physical attack.  However, as the late Col. Jeff Cooper said, goblins exist and they do occasionally try to commit crimes such as robbery, rape and murder.  Firearms serve well to discourage such activities.

    I wish I had bookmarked or linked it, but less than two weeks ago there was a case of a woman who was murdered by her ex, WHILE SHE WAS ON THE LINE WITH THE 911 OPERATOR! The whole thing from her plea for help to the gunshot that ended her life and the killer’s confession before he killed himself, is recorded on the 911 tape.

    Tee shirt slogans sometimes give perfect summaries of basic facts.  For example;

    “The response time of the police is about 5 minutes.  The response time of a 45 ACP is 900 feet per second.”


    “The police are minutes away when seconds count.”

    Posted by Dr. Jeff    United States   12/20/2012  at  04:51 PM  
  6. Drew, fact is though, that blacks commit more crime out of all proportion to their numbers.
    The ones called Asians here aren’t far behind and although it seems to change from year to year, Poles also responsible for high number of crimes and usually violent ones.
    BUT ... Although these folks can be violent as anyone, it is reported today that 92 percent of all ATM fraud is the work of Romanians.
    This country is being raped by foreigners and it is not racist to say so. The authorities who track this sort of stuff say so. But hell, with the EU calling so many of the shots thru the human rights farce, what else can we expect?

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   12/21/2012  at  06:15 PM  
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