School Shooting: Oh Wait, It Was Assault Weapons After All?

Pretty strange how the story changes, often reversing itself entirely. All day yesterday we heard how the Sandy Hook shooter carried two pistols, a 9mm Glock and a 9mm Sig, and gunned down all his victims with them. All the while he had a Bushmaster AR-15, but left it in the car the whole time: it was never used.

UPDATE: Source of my confusion:

The suspect, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, committed suicide following the shootings. Two semi-automatic handguns were found near his body. Authorities said they had found a .223-caliber assault rifle in a car, but had not previously disclosed a second rifle Carver said was used in the shootings

Right. So while the media was going on and on and on and on about a Glock and a Sig handgun, how many cartridges they can carry, how fast the bullets travel, whether the shooter was wearing a bullet-proof or just a tactical vest, yadda yadda yadda, and how a .223 rifle was found in the car ... the police and the FBI, who were feeding the media whatever hard information they had, conveniently neglected to honestly identify the weapon(s) obviously used. Which is a lie of omission. Although the word did sort of leak out; several news vectors reported FOUR weapons at the scene, while most others reported THREE.

Sadly, now another “truth” has been revealed, that a quarter of the people killed, women and children included, had been shot 3 to 11 times. 11 times? Total psychotic. When this investigation is done, and all of it made public (good luck with that, obviously!), there had better be some major evidence that shows why this raving madman wasn’t locked up in a rubber room years ago.

This isn’t rocket science folks. All three weapons toss the empty brass cartridge case out when cycling in the next round. A 9mm is a pistol round, and it’s case is a squat little cylinder about half an inch tall by half an inch wide. The Bushmaster is a rifle, and while the .223 cartridge it uses is quite small for a rifle round, it’s still an inch and three quarters long, yet barely a third of an inch across. So it’s thinner than a 9mm case, but 3 times longer. It would be UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE for any officer on the scene to mistake one case for the other, and with the number of shots fired and people killed in just two small areas, there had to be empty cases all over the place. Everywhere. Same thing goes for the shooter: once he’s shot himself dead, he can’t go and put his rifle back in the car. It’s right next to his body, and has been all the time. Or else it was never there to begin with.

So WTF is going on here? Which end gave us the bullshit spin - police/FBI/news accounts the day it happened, or is this complete crap from the coroner, who either has a political motive or is being used to push one?

NEWTOWN, Conn.--Dr. H. Wayne Carver, the medical examiner investigating Friday’s massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, said autopsies completed on 20 children and six adults on Saturday showed they were killed with multiple bullets fired by a rifle at close range.

“I’ve been at this for a third of a century and my sensibilities may not be those of the average man, but this probably is the worst I have seen or the worst that I know of any of my colleagues have seen,” Carver told reporters gathered at Treadwell Park, less than a mile from the school where the shooting occurred.

The veteran medical examiner told reporters that the victims had all been identified and their bodies released. In what appeared to be an uncomfortable moment for Carver, he said all of the victims he had examined had all been shot by a Bushmaster .223 caliber assault rifle, one of at least two weapons Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old suspected shooter, used to commit one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history.

At very close ranges both the 9mm bullet and the .223 bullet are explosively effective. Horrifically so. You would have a damn hard time looking at a wound and determining which round caused it; the bodies are going to be nearly shredded. But the cases tell the tale, and it is far beyond inaccurate reporting to identify 2 weapons used and 1 specifically NOT used for the better part of a full day, and then do a 180 and claim the opposite.

Someone is or was lying to us. Period. This is not a simple mistake. This is an outright, deliberate lie.

PS - if all the victims were shot multiple times with a rifle, then how is the weapon “one of at least two” to have used in the commission of the crime? Or does just having the pistol on him qualify as use? Or perhaps just having the rifle out in the car, does that do it too?

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/16/2012 at 05:40 PM   
  1. What we heard was rifle as the weapon, no suggestion of another being used but that he had two other guns on him. And you’re right about putting the mentals away so they can’t do harm. Of course that violates their right to murder you if they choose to.
    I am surprised his mother didn’t pick up on his condition tho. Or maybe she did in which case she was playing a dangerous game with guns in the house that weren’t under a strong lock. I mean with him around.  The photo of him shown here, no doubt around the world, is a really scary one. Outside of a Hollywood horror flick, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone (Manson maybe) who looks so much the part of a deranged individual who should not be walking around free.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   12/16/2012  at  07:21 PM  
  2. The rifle is the new twist to push forward the obligatory (’we’re doing something’) AWB law.

    Most of what has been printed is a lie of some sorts. Just meant to pursue the bigger picture of the big o agenda of an outright gun ban.

    Speaking of lies - last night I wanted to email the big o and ask - ‘Why the tears, you have been advocating the murder of children your entire political career. Hypocrite.’

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/17/2012  at  01:07 PM  
  3. Whatever fits the agenda is what they will say,ALWAYS.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/18/2012  at  04:42 AM  
  4. Minor technical correction

    9 mm and .223 brass are nearly the same diameter.  If you’re feeling slightly lunatic, you can actually make 9 mm brass from .223 by cutting it to length. You will probably have to slightly ream the inside neck area as well.  While the 9mm is roughly .015” bigger in diameter, the normal expansion of the case mouth during loading will allow the round to headspace and fire.  I doubt if the the slightly smaller rim diameter would have much effect on extraction.

    Still, it’s pretty much impossible to mistake one for the other.  The 9mm is a short, straight sided case, while the .223 is roughly 2-1/2 times as long and has a bottle neck.

    Unfortunately in the coming debate, facts of any sort will matter little.  Just as with the Dunblane massacre that resulted in Britain’s final firearms ban, emotions, not facts will rule the day.

    I’ve done very little commenting or writing since the election. I’m still in shock that Romney and the entire Republican party allowed Obama to get away with massive vote fraud. Folks, the fix is in, we no longer live in a representative democracy as we have understood it. To survive, let alone win, we will need tactics that go far beyond reasoned debate.

    What has discouraged me even more is that so few people on our side seem to understand this and virtually no one is engaged in generating a plan of action that has even a hope of regaining what we have lost.


    The Handloader’s Manual of Cartridge Conversions
    John J. Donnelly
    Copyright 1987

    9mm Luger dimensions are on Page 903
    .223 Remington dimensions are on page 152

    Posted by Dr. Jeff    United States   12/18/2012  at  06:15 AM  
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