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Peiper has no need to post a thing today about what’s going on over there because ...

Everything’s Just Ducky In London


City workers and tourists did a double take this morning as a giant 50ft-tall rubber duck sailed up the Thames.

The bright yellow duck, weighing half a ton, looked quite at home amongst the shiny towers of the City as it set sail on its mission to make people laugh in the capital today.

It was launched to publicise a new £250,000 bursary designed to encourage people in the UK to have more fun.

The oversized bath toy was launched from West India Dock in the Isle of Dogs, east London, at 8.30 this morning.

It floated along the Thames past the O2, the glittering towers of Canary Wharf, and on towards Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast as part of a publicity stunt organised by a website.

Former Carry On and EastEnders actress Barbara Windsor, who saw the duck off at West India Dock is patron of’s new Facebook FUNdation, part of a marketing campaign to grant funds to people who have good ideas to make people laugh.

She said: ‘We thought a giant rubber duck floating down the River Thames was a great way to kick the FUNdation off, and it definitely raised a smile and a chuckle from everyone who saw it.


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