Rube Goldberg: Drug Smuggler

Pot Cannons Shelling USA With Dope Bombs

What, they couldn’t put together a portable mangonel?

Just when you thought drug running couldn’t get more extreme, U.S. border patrol officers find 33 cans of marijuana in the desert near the border that they believe were fired from a cannon in Mexico. Authorities caught wind of the new technique when they received reports of some strange canisters popping up near the Colorado River in southern Arizona recently. Agents arrived at the scene to find the cans which collectively held 85 pounds of marijuana. That’s worth $42,500 on the street. By the looks of it, the smugglers had loaded the cans into a pneumatic-powered cannon (think: potato gun) and blasted them 500 yards over the border. Bummer none of their buddies came to pick it up before the police.

85 pounds worth in 33 containers ... that’s about a kilo per round, two and a quarter pounds. The air cannon must have made quite a bit of noise to blort those things up and over the border.

I’ve got an image in my mind now that’s cracking me up; a bunch of bag-hat wearing hippies out in a field in the middle of the night trying to catch these things as they come flying in. Not the smartest idea on the books! “Dude, like here comes one. I got it. I got it. I got ...” SPLAT. “aww dude, you messed up! Don’t use your hands, get under it with the car instead!” vroom, vroom, “here comes one!”, vroom ... CLANG!!

It is always a bad idea to try and catch incoming artillery. Very bad.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/12/2012 at 03:29 PM   
  1. I once had a “friend” who occasionally got a can of Dole pineapple from Oahu that was,yes,you guessed it,packed full of Maui Wowi ( a perfectly weighed Key, 2.2 lbs) and yes, it was packed at the cannery that also cans the real fruit. Did I mention my “friend was an agricultural salesman? He also got those lovely Macadamia Nuts too in a factory sealed can ( couple of ounces with fishing weights to even the actual weight and make it sound like nuts inside. And that’s how the Real world of dope smuggling works.The Feds have really got no clue.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/13/2012  at  01:43 AM  
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