Stupid is really on the march on that side of the pond these days huh.  pt1

First I need to thank RichK for the headline. Yeah, he used it in a comment on another subject entirely unrelated to this. But look, look how well it fits.

In my day, of really good radio and comedians who could be funny without the use of four letter words, and vocals that didn’t scream and could land on key, in the bad old days, we had a program called, “The march of Time.”
Was it good?  I don’t remember.  I only mention it because of the headline Rich dropped on us.

So from that I go to Stupid On The March.  Or maybe The march of stupid. No.I think the first.

Anyway, today has been a busy and stress filled one, add to that like a damn puppy dog I just HAD to overeat tonight and feel like. Ah. Never mind. It was a far, far stupid thing of me to do, but nowhere near as schupid as the following articles.

Take a look at this bit of insane political correctness. And hey. It gets worse in the next story.

The stupid march on Sweden.

Children banned from dressing up as gingerbread men… because school says costumes are racist

By Daily Mail Reporter

Schoolchildren in Sweden have been banned from dressing up as gingerbread men for a Christmas parade because their teachers fear the costumes could be considered racist.

Youngsters from a primary school in Laxa told their parents they had been ordered not to wear the outfits for the St Lucia celebrations on Thursday.

Traditionally, children dress as either St Lucia, or gnomes, stars, or gingerbread men for the candle-lit parade.

But heartbroken 10-year-old Mio Simiv was told he could not wear his gingerbread man costume to the celebration because it might be seen as ‘offensive’.

Angry mum Jenny Simic told local media: ‘I thought he had to have got it wrong so I called the school and they said people might find a brown gingerbread character offensive.

‘I said, well then my son won’t participate. He won’t support some Ku Klux Klan procession - because that’s what the little Lucias look like when they all come in with white hoods and white dresses.’


She later sent a text message to Mio’s teacher to see if the ban still stood.

She received the response: ‘I know what you think and what you’re writing. Unfortunately we have no gingerbread men or songs in our procession! We cannot offer gingerbread cookies because of allergies among pupils.’

A school spokesman blamed the row on a ‘misunderstanding’.

District schools head Marghareta Zetterlund claimed: ‘The children and their teachers chose the songs for the parade and they didn’t chose the gingerbread boy song, so there will be no gingerbread boys.

‘We don’t serve gingerbread cookies because of possible nut allergies. I can’t comment on who might find the costumes offensive,’ she added.

But Mrs Simiv said: ‘This is not what we were told at all. There was no misunderstanding, this is just an excuse.’

‘Why should they remove these things from a traditional celebration just because someone might be offended? You could turn that around and ask, “Why are we removing it? Aren’t brown people like us, or what? Can’t they participate?“‘


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/10/2012 at 06:56 PM   
  1. If I thought it would pay I’d copyright my shit. Nah, why charge when I can stroke my ego a bit on occasion( insert snark here______________).

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/11/2012  at  07:44 PM  
  2. BTW, When exactly did the KKK make a power grab for that Swedish geography? I mean, they got the coloring for it but Still!

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/11/2012  at  07:47 PM  
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