The Warrior Song — Navy version

The Warrior Project has updated the Navy version. It’s a lot better. Can’t tell you how proud I am to have served six years with such awesome people.

Posted by Christopher    United States   on 12/09/2012 at 12:26 AM   
  1. Eldest son goes into the Navy this Thursday. Proud and terrified, they have yet to find the last one of my clan that was in.

    Posted by accal    Saudi Arabia   12/09/2012  at  04:43 AM  
  2. My Dad would love that - as he loved his beloved Navy. He went into the Reserves after he came home from WWII, I remember his coming home from his two weeks a year. He only managed to talk one male relative into the Navy - my cousin was a Navy Doc too for about 10 years. My brother in law was in the Navy for a short time, I guess one enlistment. One of his sons, however, went to Annapolis. He broke his back and they thought it was all over - but he managed to graduate on time and he is still a Navy Doc (that part seems to have run in the family too).

    Funny though, he started out in the Army - I have two pictures, from his two weeks a year in Gettysburg PA - in an Army uniform. But just after Pearl Harbor, he resigned and joined the Navy. My Mom didn’t talk about my father, actually she would cut me off, so I don’t know why that happened - maybe it was those two weeks in PA!

    He traveled to most of the west coast Navy stations and while using a San Fran APO - they actually set off from Corpus Cristi, TX. Being an Officer and Navy Doc - they knew that they were going to be on a ship and if attacked, pretty much goners. So the night before leaving, they got drunk and drove their jeep through the motel office plate glass window. I have the WWII letters and maybe if I get some time before I die, I will read them. I do know that the same friend he drove through the window with, was captured by the Japanese on one of the islands and re-repatriated fairly soon after. Bob was devoted to my father for the rest of my Dad’s life as he and a nurse (whom Bob married) worked feverishly to help him recover both physically and emotionally. 

    It is a shame what has happened to America. And I do disagree with Drew - it is not the greediest generation, it is the greatest generation. It is the evil people who infiltrated our institutions and twisted the greatness of this Nation - and her people.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/09/2012  at  01:21 PM  
  3. Just...DAMN!

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   12/09/2012  at  03:31 PM  
  4. accal,

    Don’t know what your eldest is going to do in the Navy. He should be proud, certainly. Terrified? That seems extreme. It’s not like WWII when America was faced with equal or better navies—especially after Pearl Harbor. But certainly be worried and scared. Keeps you alert. Don’t want anymore USS Cole incidents. Terror can make you freeze when you need to take action. Scared will make you take action. It may be right or wrong action, but freezing because of terror is always wrong.

    Posted by Christopher    United States   12/13/2012  at  07:14 AM  
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