the conning of the public. again. the west wants assad gone, so the big lie begins

This is pure BS people.

Assad is preparing to use chemical weapons against Syrian rebels, Hague warns as he threatens action

Foreign Secretary says he has seen intelligence that Syria has nerve gas Sarin
US sources claim Assad has aerial bombs loaded with deadly weapon
Speculation that NATO could begin airstrikes

By Steve Robson

That’s the headline. You really don’t need to see the article here and if you’re interested in it, it’s at the Daily Mail and every other warmongering newspaper in the UK and probably the USA as well.  We are being conned. Again. So what’s new?

Oh joy. Here we go again. The west is just itching to dump full force on Assad.
Now look here folks.  I know I am not the sharpest tool in the box but even I can tell when someone is being set up. Big time.  You don’t even need a brain to understand how this is playing out.

A least a month ago the mention was made of chemical weapons. Yeah right. It was made in passing but the idea was to plant the seed. You know the drill.
Any lie provided it is big enough, people will buy. It’s the tiny ones people won’t believe.

Next we heard from some head of state, could have been Obama, about a line in the sand.  If Assad using chemical weapons on his own people there will be hell to pay. OK, so O. didn’t say hell but you get the message.  Then France started talking about Assad’s possible use of chemical weapons and the Brits and last night Bankee-Moon (I don’t really care if I spelled his name rong) warned Assad not to use chemical weapons as it would be declared a crime against humanity. Right. Okay BKM, if you say so.

Meanwhile, back in Damascus, Assad is continually saying he has no intention of using chemical weapons. And the more he denies the false charge against him, the more the west keeps bringing it up and threatening his government with reprisals.
It’s a no winner for him and wool pulled over the eyes of the public in the USA and France and the UK and anyone else who has it in for Assad and an axe to grind.

It is not that I am pro Assad. I don’t care frankly. Furthermore, I do not care if he did use chemical weapons against the mob shelling his city and military installations.
Oh pardon me.  They’re all freedom fighters. I forget. The ones we no longer do business with are now tyrants and the other guys formerly a rag tag band of bandits and tribal elders getting back their own for previous insults, are now democracy loving fighters for truth and justice. Uh huh. Pull the other chain now.

Is Assad a boy scout? Prolly not but chemical weapons?  I really doubt he’s that dumb. He must know the west is just looking for any excuse to lay a serious hurt on him.  Do any of you believe he is dumb enough to shoot himself in the foot?
Again and again and again we are reminded of the kind of weapons he has in his chemical arsenal.  Mustard gas he might use say the talking heads. Biological agents that Assad “might” possess. And “might” use against innocent civilians, who just happen to be gunning for him. 

Although not my favorite journalist, Robert Fisk, who writes for a liberal leaning paper and is I believe on the left himself, reports that back in 1982 the present Assad’s father, Hafez al-Assad, in the town of Hama during the rising by Sunni muslims there, was accused of using chemical weapons on his people. Well, Fisk happened to be there on the date those weapons were reported to have been used.  Feb. of ’82.
Well folks, it didn’t happen True, his army was busy slaughtering people who were also by the way, slaughtering regime officials and their entire families.  It is pretty much how those folks wage war on one another. But there were no chemical weapons then, but now we are expected to believe there were. Cos the old story came up again and so why shouldn’t the present Assad do likewise.

Once upon a time when Saddam was our guy cos you will recall he was once fighting a war against Iran, well the US and Germany gave him components for chemical weapons.

What gets to me is all the sabre rattling and the hot air being used up again by those in power who are so clearly hoodwinking their public. It is a con people. We’re being set up along with Assad.  They are making things up and setting us up to accept their intrusion into another country’s war against itself.

Oh yeah, by the way. Would anyone happen to know which country used gas in the middle east first?  Saddam?  Nope. Bet you thought he was the first though. Huh?
Well he wasn’t.

It was the Brits under General Allenby, against the Turks in Sinai, way back in 1917.

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/08/2012 at 09:24 PM   
  1. Not enough though! actually I expect the west are the ones being set up so the “moderate” regime can be replaced by one more extreme and hard core islamic, like in Lybia

    Posted by Chris Edwards    Canada   12/08/2012  at  10:17 PM  
  2. And in 1917 the Turks weren’t the Turks, they were still the Ottomans. And after the Armenian genocide they deserved whatever got thrown at them.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/08/2012  at  10:30 PM  
  3. Oh, and as for the rest:

    Assad is a Ba’athist, just like his old dead pal Saddam. Guess who got the WMDs when some traitor (D) Senator tipped him off we were coming for him last time? Hell, we saw the convoy of trucks on TV from the satellites. So he DOES have WMD. Lots. All those “no evidence” chem and bio weapons that “don’t exist”.

    Ho ho ho, wouldn’t it be just too fuckin funny if he gassed the shit out of everyone, and when the blue helmets went in a couple weeks later, saw Made In Iraq on all the empty binary canisters? That would be the biggest “told ya so” ever. I’d laugh my ass off.

    And like the “fiscal cliff”, I just don’t effin’ care if we go over. “Told ya so” ought to be the GOP response, along with a big “fuck you, now starve”. The Syrian WMD thing gets the same reaction out of me; a) I couldn’t give half a turd less if he gassed a hundred million of the muzzie fucks, the more the merrier. Make it >200; with 300 you get egg roll. b) O-useless and sHrillary aren’t going to do a damn thing if he does. Nada. If Asswad is halfway smart, he’ll detonate his stuff when the wind is blowing away from Israel, because they WILL come and frack his ass green if a single Jew gets gassed.

    As long as the USA don’t spend a cent with any “aid” afterwards, I’m fine with it. Stay the hell out, let them fight till one side is completely dead, then and only then smack the shit out of the winner, and then extend a very thin olive branch to whoever is left at that point. Hell, make them pay us tribute for the mere benefit of us not nuking them. Today. And then tomorrow. And tomorrow.

    Fuck ‘em all, they’re the worst pestilential leeches on humanity in the world. If they don’t kill themselves fast enough, sneak some Sarin in to the rebels.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/08/2012  at  10:49 PM  
  4. Agree with sentiments Drew. Thing is, while Assad does not deny having chemical weapons, the folks who dearly want to get involved, Obama, Paris, London etc., are itching to “do something” to save the “civilians.” What crap. It’s all the BS they spew as all and sundry wring hands and see who will bray the loudest as defenders of humanity.
    Drew, they really do think we are all stupid and blind to their plans. If NATO gets involved as they have threatened to, you know darn well all of the above will be pouring money into the venture if not in troops, which seems unlikely, but in supplies. $$$$$$£££££

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   12/09/2012  at  12:07 PM  
  5. Two sources of information you can never trust or believe again, The Government, and the News Media.  100% lies 100% of the time.

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   12/09/2012  at  03:40 PM  
  6. Military intervention in response to a threat of WMD. Sound familiar?

    Whether or not the WMDs exist doesn’t matter. It’s just a pretext.

    I’m with “Fuck ‘em all” Drew and “Believe no one” grayjohn.

    Posted by CenTexTim    United States   12/09/2012  at  06:15 PM  
  7. Don’t stick a thermometer in the middle east because its gonna BLOW any second,teehee teehee.
    grin LOL  big surprise  smile cool grin  vampire  cool smile

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/09/2012  at  11:55 PM  
  8. Sorry I’m a little late to the party, but it’s even worse than what you’ve noted.

    The Syrian Rebels are already Islamist affiliated and are making their own WMD.  Either that or they have already captured a portion of Assads war gasses.  Here’s a link to an article and video from Breitbart about it.  Oh, incidentally, the video was produced by the rebels as a warning to Assad. 

    Just for a cherry on top, some rebel groups have been targeting Syrian Christians for months with little note by the MSM.

    Who are we supporting in that mess and why?  What do we expect to get out of it?  Has our State Department gone completely insane?  Why do they want to help promote an Islamic Caliphate to rule over the entire Mid East?

    Assad is a murdering s.o.b. but at least he’s not engaged in declaring Jihad against the world.

    Shock Video: Syrian Rebels Test Chem Weapons On Rabbits As Warning To Civilians

    Just in case you thought that wasn’t too bad…


    Posted by Dr. Jeff    United States   12/11/2012  at  08:34 AM  
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