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I have been writing a bit under the comments section on how I see the future.  Bleak house says it. Or to use SDKAR’s word, catastrophic. I think he used it ot close.  I read the news and hear it on radio and listen to people around me and okay I admit it, sometimes I get a chance to eavesdrop like the last time I was at the bus station in town, many months ago, and simply listened more to some folks talking about the state of their country and the world in general.
So I guess I’m not the only one who thinks things have already gone to the dogs.  And not just any dogs. Stupid and stupid looking dogs. Like my hated neighbor’s flea farm.

More and more and more people are coming to these shores who simply do not fit and will never do so. They are NOT the kind of immigrants that once graced this place and made improvements and brought innovation. 
The country has changed in other ways as well.  The easy acceptance of a more decadent culture. A society that isn’t really shocked by violent movies and video games where blood runs free but god forbid some actress or model shows a bit more tit than good taste demands. Even that isn’t the end of civilization.
But the death of the west and especially this country is in the cards unless they restrict the kind of immigrant flooding their shores.
They arrive in droves and the pansy-assed politicians do nothing but debate and talk and make noises. And they still come and they breed. Oh boy do they breed.
The racial make up of this country will be altered to a point where if you came back in a thousand years, you might never know it had once been a white and Christian country.  Chances are it might be a muslim one by then.
Anyway, here’s my take on what most immigrants will look like and many might well be like.

Take a look. And be afraid.

Taxi driver who knocked down eight men by driving cab ‘like a bowling ball’ after row is jailed for 15 years

Majid Rehman ploughed into six railmen and two innocent passers-by after a petty dispute

The 29-year-old sent ‘bodies flying in all directions’ during the attack in Wales

By Amanda Williams

A taxi driver has today been jailed for 15 years yesterday for mowing down eight men ‘like a bowling ball’ with his black cab.


Majid Rehman, 29, deliberately used his car to run over the men walking on a pavement after a row at a railway station taxi rank.

A court heard how furious Rehman deliberately ran a red light and drove ‘at speed’ towards six railworkers as they walked home from the station, just yards from the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Shocked commuters watched as his cab ploughed into the six railmen and two innocent passers-by in rush hour carnage.

Judge Phillip Richards told him: ‘You sent bodies flying in all directions, one being trapped under your car.

‘Your intent was to cause them all serious harm. It was intolerable behaviour in a civilised society.’

The court heard Rehman was on the taxi rank outside Cardiff Central train station when a row flared with the railway workers.

Prosecutor Claire Wilks said: ‘Six of the men were leaving the train station wearing high visibility orange suits as they walked away from the train station. Along the way some of the group began to argue with Rehman.

Two innocent men Mark Underwood and Richard Partridge were walking in front of the group on the pavement - and had nothing to do with the railmen.

Miss Wilks said: ‘As they walked away from the railway station, Rehman drove his taxi, and in a rage, mounted the pavement and collided with the group of eight men.

‘It was a deliberate manouvre at some speed, knocking them down like a bowling ball knocking over pins in an alley.

‘Some of the men were more fortunate than others.

‘Mark Underwood was trapped under the taxi and suffered significant burns to his back, legs and arms as he was wedged under the hot engine.

‘It was a chaotic scene, emotions were running high, and Rehman was pulled out of his taxi and assaulted.’

The jury was shown CCTV footage of the taxi mounting the curb at 14mph outside Cardiff central train station on March 27.

Mr Underwood needed extensive skin grafts to his back and is still receiving treatment.

Rehman told officers at the scene he drove towards the group of men after being attacked by the railworkers on the taxi rank outside a main railway station.

He told police officers at the scene: ‘No one drives at people for nothing. They assaulted me and it was in self defence.’


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/09/2012 at 10:33 AM   
  1. Jihad by taxi?

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   12/09/2012  at  03:23 PM  
  2. Taxi, shoe bomb,747, its all the same to these Cretins.I hope his butt buddy has Aides AND Syphilis.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/09/2012  at  11:49 PM  
  3. it wont take a thousand years. In less than 50 Britain will be a war zone like Bosnia.

    Posted by LyndonB    United Kingdom   12/11/2012  at  07:29 AM  
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