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What a load of crap. Read the whole article; nobody says the “U word” once, yet it was common knowledge, local news, and even all over the internet that these work crews that drove halfway across the country to help were shut out because they were not union employees. And it was reported that they were told this to their faces. That was just a couple weeks ago. Has the Collective Hivemind become so blunted that it can’t remember back a whole five weeks, and history can be rewritten so quickly?

I am very disappointed in Fox News, but this isn’t the first time. I think they’re down to just one employee who tells it straight - Sean Hannity - and he’s on his way to being marginalized as a kook just like Glen Beck was. The rest of the crew are either playing it stupid or have tilted far to the left. They are the MSM just like MSNBC. Biased rats.

FEMA teams told to ‘sightsee’ as Sandy victims suffered

Hurry up and wait.

That’s what first responders were left to do after being deployed by FEMA to assist in the storm-ravaged areas in the initial days after superstorm Sandy, has learned. A FEMA worker who spoke to described a chaotic scene at New Jersey’s Fort Dix, where emergency workers arrived as the storm bore down on the Atlantic Coast. The worker said officials at the staging area were unprepared and told the incoming responders there was nothing for them to do for nearly four days.

“They told us to hurry, hurry, hurry,” the worker, who works at the agency’s headquarters in Washington and volunteered to deploy for the storm recovery effort. “We rushed to Fort Dix, only to find out that our liaison didn’t even know we were coming.”

“The regional coordinator even said to us, ‘I don’t know why you were rushed here because we don’t need you,’” said the worker, who spoke out of frustration with the lack of planning and coordination following the devastating storm.

After arriving in New Jersey, the worker and others waited for three full days and parts of another, even as reports dominated the television of the devastation and suffering wrought by the storm, which struck land on Oct. 29. When they asked for assignments, they couldn’t believe the response, according to the worker.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/07/2012 at 03:49 PM   
  1. Look Drew, Even Ol Rupert know which side his bread is buttered on and it’s obvious that that’s the progressive/libral//statist side. Hannity is what is known as a “Bone”.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/07/2012  at  07:16 PM  
  2. Hmm, inquiring minds want to ponder this question - is maybe, just maybe sh*t like this the exact same reason that crap happened in the Chocolate city back in 2005? That it - gasp - wasn’t boooshes fault but the fault of Union thugs who would rather have the money back flowing to their coffers rather than getting the job done quickly?

    And where is a journalist rather than the State Run Media journOlists - to ask those questions?

    It’s not just the crapweasels in DC fault - add the local crapweasels, the state run media, the Union thugs, and the people who continue to vote for and support these evil, vile people.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/08/2012  at  02:12 PM  
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