unless they grant it, unions say pay raise for teachers of merit bad for kids. really.

This says all ya need to know about socialists and unions.
Heck, they tell their own loony tune story while we watch from the sidelines.
I once ran into a serious problem, years and years ago, when working in a place that had a union, that I was forced to join.
Cut to the chase, I put someone well deserving in for a pay raise.
Union came down on my head. Kangaroo court hearing and all. And I wasn’t even allowed to say anything. That was in California more than 40 years ago. And I don’t think too much has changed. Unions! Vermin!
They are also one of the major reasons your grocery bill is so high not just in my home state of Calif., but anywhere they are allowed to flourish.

Union position? 
‘It will be bad for children’s education and bad for the teaching profession’
Sure, merit is bad. Can’t have that. Only raises as approved by the commies in the union. Got it.

Unions’ fury as Osborne scraps national pay deal so that schools can pay better teachers more

· Chancellor gives heads power to reward teachers if they perform better than their colleagues
· NASUWT union: ‘It will be bad for children’s education and bad for the teaching profession’

Unions declared war on ministers today after George Osborne gave schools the power to reward better teachers with higher pay.
The Chancellor said heads should be able to pay teachers more if they perform better in the job than colleagues.
But NASUWT, the largest teaching union, branded the proposals as ‘unfair’ – and said the major unions would be meeting in the next few days to consider their response.

Mr Osborne said national pay bargaining for civil servants, prison officers and NHS staff will continue – meaning staff will all continue to be paid the same.
But he told MPs that there will be greater flexibility for headteachers – giving them more ability to pay good staff more.


the sheep play along in people’s game, Follow the commie-sar . be sure and bring the kiddies too. can’t get them young enough.

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/07/2012 at 09:36 AM   
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