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Watched Mr. Bean Rowan Atkinson on the tele tonight in his 2nd English secret agent parody film, Johnny English Reborn. The first Johnny English was funny, and the rubber faced Atkinson has been making me laugh since >Black Adder days. But Johnny #2 was ... pretty much #2. Sorry, but it sucked. The pace was glacial, and the timing of the few jokes was just about in slow motion, so that even the most dull witted could see them coming a mile away. If you thought Dr. Who was done on the cheap, it looks like an extravagance compared to this one. What was the budget, about £20? God, the English are so damn cheap when it comes to film and TV shows. The slack pace may have been done by choice, a deliberate inversion of the lightning pace of the typical Bond film ... but the big chase scene was in a powered wheelchair? Ok, granted, it was speedy for a powered wheelchair, and it had a couple of “M"-ish features, but that’s it. It wasn’t Bond rocket powered or anything. Perhaps the film really was a study in incongruity, considering that it cast Gillian Anderson as a non-redhead, and featured an actual former Bond Girl, Die Another Day‘s Miranda Frost, as played by the graceful and lovely Rosamund Pike. Aha, sayz Drew, that’s who that is. I’d heard the name but couldn’t put a face or figure to it. Well well. Nicely done. Good job, England. Very good job. No, no it wasn’t. It was just a cheap ass UK film where everyone just mailed in their performances, and the producers spent as little as possible to try and milk another few pounds out of the public. That didn’t work out too well either.

The film still sucked chunks though, except for the one fight/chase scene, where an older but wiser English just walks around the obstacles and takes the elevator down the high rise as the Asian bad guy goes jumping through fire, across chasms, spiders down the scaffolding, and so forth. That part was wrly amusing.

And we never really did find out what all three keys together looked like, nor what they opened. So half the plot device was left unresolved.

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Come to think of it, Peiper noticed her years ago and ran a post, and I was sorely disappointed, but now I realize he was right all along.  I guess she photographs very well from some angles, and poorly from others. 


Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/06/2012 at 03:07 AM   
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