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Henner as torch songstress Lil Sheridan in Johnny Dangerously

Can you tell we watched Johnny Dangerously last night? Best send up of the old gangster films ever made. A film that had a script that was almost all one liners and quotes. Hey, do you know your last name is an adverb? My father hung me on a coat hook once. Once!

I didn’t have much choice in the matter. After the spectacular and mind blowing season finale to HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, we pretty much had to give old Johnny a spin in the Blue Ray. Sweet. And Marilu Henner never looked better. Heck, she still looks great, and is still working, doing single episode appearances in any number of current TV series. And on Boardwalk, I can’t see an episode with the yummy Gretchen Mol in it as Gillian Darmody without noting how much her character resembles Henner’s Lil from Johnny, even though the two characters have nothing in common. Just two beautiful redheads in period costume. But damn ... when Gillian tried to inject Gyp with the heroin during their kinky B&D sex romp ... and later when army veteran sniper Richard Harrow (my man, the guy in the mask) went on a shooting spree at the whore house to save Jimmy’s son Tommy ... and Nucky played on Doyle’s duplicitous nature to set Rothstein up for a big fall with the law ... and Capone and Chalky with the crew served machine guns in the woods ... man oh man, what an episode!

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/05/2012 at 05:07 PM   
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