Can I post now?

Wife got herself an Ipad Mini that was delivered today. So she was on the computer just about the whole day setting it up and exploring what apps she wants and shopping for cases etc. I couldn’t get near the PC until now, and it’s just about midnight.

I’m home from my Monday work, and I managed to get quite a bit done here today, including putting the built-in bookcases back in and unloading quite a number of boxes of books and CDs into them. Plus I took a close look at the “closed off” fireplace, and found that it wasn’t really closed off at all, and that the damper wasn’t even shut. I fixed that, and sealed off the plexiglass sheet across the front. Much less drafty in here now.

What’s this I hear on the news, some MORON wants to give Obama sole control over the debt ceiling? WTF? I thought it was bad enough the other day, with Dick Durbin, OUTRIGHT COMMUNIST, coming out with that “equal outcomes is the only moral kind of wages” bullshit, using the phony strawman Navy Seal’s paycheck versus the hedge fund manager’s one ... what a load of shiite that was ... up against the wall Dicky boy, you’ve shown your true colors now: RED. But this one? Why not just make fauxbama king? It’s not like he pays any attention to the legislature or the Constitution anyway? WTFF?

Ok, fine. Off to bed. We both spent the weekend being sick and exhausted anyway. Maybe tomorrow I can create a decent post, if I can stop coughing and blowing my damn nose long enough. “Flue season comes early” says the radio news. No. Really?

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/04/2012 at 04:52 AM   
  1. Excuse me - but don’t even the commies & socialist have UNEQUAL income/benefits?!? - I mean I remember growing up - athletes got sent away as children - so that the family could have a nice apartment and income, if they made the Olympic team and of course the politicos ALWAYS lived better than the ‘common man’.

    These people are corrupt and no longer care if anyone knows it. They truly think that they have learned the way to commit election fraud and win every time.

    Problem is that people like me, who always voted R - are no longer interested in wasting my vote and will look to a 3rd party - that is about to rise up and smack - going along to get along Dem-lite Republicans and (dirty) business as usual Democrats - right up side their corrupt heads.

    Bet the mid-terms will shock the sh*t out of BOTH PARTIES.

    God Help America until then.

    BTW, the unlimited control of Obama for the debt ceiling is just a old established legal (never forget he used to be a lawyer) maneuver - go in big and with an ‘obscene’ morsel you will chuck overboard to be able to ‘bargain’ for what you want to get.

    Term Limits, a law that no more than 25% of Congress can be lawyers, that Congress must be paid the average income of the district they ‘represent’, that they must never get a retirement package, and be covered under the ‘law’ of O’care (and all the other laws, We The People have forced upon us).

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/04/2012  at  03:14 PM  
  2. Wardmama, that’s a good start.

    I’d add in a provision for public flogging for any rep who introduces unconstitutional legislation. And that’s unconstitutional by common sense, not by the Supremes. 10 lashes the first time, 15 the second, 20 the third ... the lash is neither cruel nor unusual, merely very painful.

    30 lashes for any President who subverts the 3 Branches process. Czars? Whipping post. Secret decrees and Presidential Directives? Whipping post. Starting wars without Congressional approval? Whipping post if they last more than 48 hours. The only way you can train some monkeys is to beat them half to death. Several times.

    The only good government is the one that exists in ABJECT FEAR of the populace, knowing they will suffer immediate PAIN for any shenanigans.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/04/2012  at  11:52 PM  
  3. I use to pretend things might get better as I got older and other people saw what I saw when I was young but alas, its just getting worse and there is NOTHING I can do about it.40 years voting for the party of stupid and I have a state that is now pure Democrat( Oregon) that was once the opposite, and a Fed that is a virtual mirror image of the soviet union in its heyday minus the abject poverty and a middle class that continues to support it. I’M SO FUCKING HAPPY. I hear liquor sale are up in my household but thats just a rumor
    . beerparty  fuckyou  beerparty  wtf  beerparty  soapbox  beer_drinker

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/05/2012  at  01:21 AM  
  4. Drew and wardmama: The only people who would benefit from such a flogging...indeed, extract pleasure from pain of said flogging!...would be that Senator-elect from WI who’s a lesbian...and Барни Франк. Oh wait a sec, dang it, he’s retiring!

    Posted by Macker    United States   12/05/2012  at  12:01 PM  
  5. This is why I no longer deal in the mantra - Bush’s fault, Obama’s fault, Congress’ fault - Come on, it’s been going forward since 1913 and in one way or another all three branches of government have had their pitch in to up the Big Government wagon or actually stood firm and attempted a stop/fix. (That’s why I think We The People should start a movement to REPEAL the 16th Amendment - that would STOP the over spending immediately)

    But now it is in full swing. And Drew - if TERM LIMITS were imposed - much of all the things I mentioned and you - wouldn’t need to be done.

    Our elections are no longer about the best guy - it is voting for the person we think will do the least damage to what we (as the voter) desires. The problem is that the Dems KNOW that their position is NOT what 51% of American’s want, so they cheat - and with Union thugs and the ‘gettin’ even’ or ‘gettin’ mine’ crowd who are more than willing to Vote Early, Vote Often - the system is corrupt.

    I read an article on Voter Fraud in the 2012 election. They guy did his homework on the number of districts that had 95% or greater O votes and a greater than 100% voter turn out. The site it was on, had to (just had to) mention that in 2008 McCain had a district that voted 100% for him - like one district is the exact same thing as 51 in ONE state. So until people are willing to stand up and fight election fraud and the corrupt politicos who support and encourage it, America is doomed.

    Apparently this lame duck Congress is intent on doing nothing but letting America fall over the fiscal cliff.

    The next four years are going to be worse than We The People expected.

    Oh, and another lie (on a whole different subject) 3400 soldiers from Ft Campbell are being deployed to Afghanistan - so much for ‘ending’ the War and ‘coming home’ bs that the big o campaigned on - JUST ANOTHER LIE.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   12/05/2012  at  01:53 PM  
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