says hitchens, the tory party is dead, it a corpse ur seeing

This has to be the strongest put down yet of the PM, David Cameron, (referred to here as “Mr. Slippery”) and the Tory (Conservative Party) that I have seen since coming here.  It comes from a very conservative writer named Peter Hitchens.  There are a number of conservatives who while not extreme right, are nevertheless very unhappy about the direction the party has gone.
This will give you some idea of just how difficult things have become.  The country is ruled by the grafting together of the conservative Tories and the liberal lefties called the Liberal Democrats. LibDems for short. The cons could not muster enough votes in the last election, to get themselves elected to govern alone.

There has since been a bi-election, this was a week or two ago, and that’s the ref. he makes for the bad showing by consv.

It’ll be most interesting to see what the future will actually hold, and if Hitchens is correct.  Even more interesting will be what he writes if shown to be wrong.
He has a damn good suggestion however.
Start all over fresh and acknowledge mistakes made.
The problem.
You’d still be dealing with politicians.  Too many of whom are self serving, egotistical, lying, creeps & thieves.

The good ship ‘Tory Party’ is finished - please keep calm and head for the lifeboats

By Peter Hitchens

It is quite clear to any thinking person that the Tory Party is now a corpse. Any idea that David Cameron could or would revive it must have died at the Rotherham by-election.
This astonishing result must surely be the most humiliating treatment of a major political party in modern history.
The ‘Conservative’ candidate came fifth. He was beaten by Labour, which is reasonable. But he was also shoved aside by three other organisations.

The first was UKIP, the Dad’s Army of politics; the second was the BNP, that care home for the incurably stupid and nasty; and the third was George Galloway’s Respect Party.
Their candidate was Yvonne Ridley, a former journalist who converted to Islam after she was held hostage by the Taliban.
I quite like her in a way, but she can hardly be said to be part of the mainstream, especially since she adopted her adventurous version of the hijab.


If I were the candidate of a national party beaten by Yvonne in a by- election, I would go into hiding.

I don’t think this comical failure can be dismissed as a mid-term blip. I think this is the moment at which it became obvious that, in the North of England, where Tory MPs used to abound, people have noticed what many in the South have yet to see.
They have realised Mr Slippery’s Party has decayed so much that the best place for it is the nearest skip.  (a skip is a dumpster) No amount of paint, glue, sparkle or varnish will ever make it look good again.

It has come to stand, in many people’s minds, for concreting over the countryside, unrestrained mass immigration, terrible state schools, being nice to criminals, starting foreign wars in places where we have no business to be, and high taxes.

Of course, there are people who think all these things are wonderful.  But they already have two political parties on their side, and so there’s no earthly point in them voting Tory.
This is what comes of punishing your friends and rewarding your enemies, year after year after year.

In Rotherham, you get fewer votes than Yvonne Ridley and her hijab. You barely get 1,000 votes in the whole of Middlesbrough. And even in Croydon North you get only 16 per cent of the vote. 

Now, I did tell you all this some time ago, when far too many of you were swooning into the arms of Mr Slippery. Well, look what you got for that. He couldn’t win last time, even aided by the wave of hate he created against Gordon Brown.
He certainly can’t win next time. By 2020 Tory candidates in the North will be coming in behind the Monster Raving Loonies.

Face it, the whole thing’s got to go. If the Tory Party ran foreign holidays all its customers would be stranded abroad in unfinished hotels. If the Tory Party were a cruise ship, it would be sinking on a jagged reef because the captain was too busy conducting a gay wedding and not looking where he was going.
If it were any kind of consumer item, people who bought it would take it back and ask for a refund. They wouldn’t get one, of course, just a harsh Australian voice telling them to get knotted.

But because it’s a political party, for some bizarre reason, the more its voters are betrayed, the more they cling to it. The only result of this is that the honest, productive, thrifty, patriotic people of this country have nobody to protect them from their enemies.
Desert the Useless Tories now and for ever. Put them out of their misery. And then build something better before it is too late.

It’s not yet compulsory to vote, and why would you vote for people who despise you?

Peter Hitchens writing in the Sunday Mail

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/03/2012 at 09:30 AM   
  1. With a few tweaks that could be the story of the GOP over here.

    Posted by CenTexTim    United States   12/03/2012  at  02:39 PM  
  2. "get knotted” ... hey, I kinda like that. Not sure what’s getting knotted, never knew libtards had ‘em long enough to bend a hitch in.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/05/2012  at  09:39 PM  
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