bah and humbug to 300 year old traditions. political correctness must be obeyed

a few comments from some people at the site may be of interest.

Let be clear on one thing, he is serving this country in its military and so for that reason deserves some consideration.
BUT ….

As others have pointed out, he must have been aware of the conditions demanded and the dress code for the Guards.  Personally, as a matter of style I find the turban looks better. But I’m not in the military and anyway, nobody asked or would give a damn what I like or don’t. It’s really not my business anyway.  What bothers people and I’d agree, is that hundreds of years of Brit tradition MUST be put aside to accommodate another culture and religion.
Why can’t they accommodate that of their host country?

You can see here how even the military, at the very top, has grown very PC over time.

What next?  A religious Jewish soldier who might insist on wearing a skull cap?
Why not?  Better yet, why not simply allow the guards to scrap tradition altogether and just let everyone wear what is comfy for him or in the future, her, prefer to wear.
Something of their own design perhaps.

oh btw, in the photo here we see him when he was in training for another outfit and he was NOT wearing a turban.  So just how urgent is the wearing of that item?  Seems like exceptions can be made after all.  Unless that is, you want to score a politically correct point.

Traditions hold cultures and countries together but, since this one is somewhat fractured anyway, what diff. will it make?  Bah, humbug!


The British Army is embroiled in a damaging row after the first Sikh soldier allowed to wear a turban rather than a bearskin on ceremonial duties suffered abuse from his colleagues.

By Mark Nicol and Amanda Perthen

Guardsman Jatinderpal Singh Bhullar, 25, who joined the Scots guards this year, has been given permission to wear a turban outside Buckingham Palace, breaking hundreds of years of tradition.

The decision by Army bosses has proved controversial with Bhullar’s fellow soldiers. The Army’s Sikh chaplain has told The Mail on Sunday that Bhullar has endured taunts about his turban and his refusal to cut his hair and his beard.

Traditionalists in the Scots Guard say the allowances made for Bhullar will make the whole company look ridiculous to tourists and onlookers. The regiment traces its origins back to 1642 and its soldiers have worn bearskins on parade since 1832.

The Mail on Sunday was initially approached by serving non-commissioned officers based at Wellington Barracks, who were angry that the MoD had compromised centuries of history for the sake of one soldier.


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 12/02/2012 at 11:54 AM   
  1. The Boys ought to go “Code Red” on his ass and smarten him up a bit Ya!

    Posted by Rich K    United States   12/02/2012  at  05:58 PM  
  2. At least he’s not a muzztard.

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   12/02/2012  at  08:56 PM  
  3. It is crap like this that is destroying tradition and a way of life that means something to everyone else.  This asswad joined knowing that he would have to wear the bearskin hat, and after he gets accepted, wants the rules changed.

    This crap is happening way too often and in way too many places.  Andy why?  Because we allow it.  When will decent society put our collective foot down and say enough?

    Idiots get a job at a meat factory, then say working around pork is against their religion and want special privileges.  Morons get a job driving a cab knowing full well what the job entails, then refuses to carry passengers with dogs or alcohol.  They come to a country, then want all the benefits of that country, but wants a new set of rules carved out for them.  Why am I supposed to bend over backwards and be tolerant of them, when they NEVER return the favor.  They are never compromising or tolerant.

    And if I so much as even point this out, I am a racist and I must hate (fill in the blank) that is offended.  In the end, tradition loving cultures are evil racists. 


    Posted by sdkar    United States   12/04/2012  at  01:54 PM  
  4. Let him wear his silly pullstart. UNDER the busby. Not showing, not sticking out. Under it. I’m sure if there was a Jewish guard who was strongly religious, he could wear his Yamaha under the bearskin, right? And nobody would give a rat’s.

    PS - why is PETA not throwing a shit fit about the hats? They are made from genuine BEAR you know, not from Mooch’s armpit shavings.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   12/05/2012  at  09:49 PM  
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