Libtards don’t have enough brain cells to think about the victims.

Yet another example of the “rights” industry hard at work undermining the right to be safe from vermin.
Yawn. Yes I know it’s same old, same old.  Thing is, the ppl who make this kind of thing possible, and no doubt at all lawyers, keep coming up with new twists and strategies for these same old stories.  Haven’t a clue what it may cost to the treasury, but we can surely sus out what it means to the sovereignty of this country if the Brits don ‘t ditch this worthless court.  Some of you might already know but for those who don’t, many of the so called judges have no background in law to begin with.  I am certain as I can be that when the Brits signed on to the idea of uniting with Europe, most had no idea it might come to this.
Also, the demand these creeps are making could be nothing more than an outlet for their boredom. But at what cost?

Libtards don’t have enough brain cells to think about the victims at the same time they are whining about the rights of the perpetrators.
- ItsNotSocietyItsYou , Righteous Indignation, United Kingdom,

Killers’ plea to Euro judges means Britain could be stripped of powers to hand out ‘life means life’ sentences

Killers set to insist European Court of Human Rights allows them right to demand release from jail
Roll call of evil, and includes Rose West, Peter Sutcliffe, Levi Bellfield and Steven Wright could benefit from move
Former policing and justice minister Nick Herbert calls for withdrawal from the court

By Jack Doyle, Home Affairs Correspondent

Britain could be stripped of the power to give serial killers ‘life means life’ jail terms in a new showdown with Strasbourg.

A group of killers will insist the European Court of Human Rights grants them the right to demand their release from jail.

If the court rules in their favour, ministers will be forced to give 43 of the most dangerous serial killers and rapists behind bars in this country the right to apply to get out of prison early.

The list of those who would benefit is a roll call of evil, and includes Rose West, Peter Sutcliffe, Levi Bellfield and Steven Wright, all of whom have been given a ‘whole life’ sentence, meaning they will die behind bars.

Each would be granted a new ‘human right’ to have their case put before the Parole Board to argue that they had reformed and should be let out.

The case is brought by killers Jeremy Bamber, Peter Moore and Douglas Vinter, all of whom were given whole life terms because of the seriousness of their crimes.

It comes before the Strasbourg court tomorrow, with a judgment expected in weeks, at a time when relations between it and the Government are at a historic low.

Writing in the Mail today, former policing and justice minister Nick Herbert advocates withdrawal from the court, which he says has contributed to the spread of a ‘rights contagion’ in which ‘everyone knows their rights, yet few admit their responsibilities’.

Strasbourg first ruled against the three killers in January by a knife-edge vote of four judges to three, and the court has allowed an appeal to its Grand Chamber.

The dissenting judges said denying a parole hearing amounted to ‘cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment’.

Were the court to rule in the killers’ favour, as some Strasbourg observers predict, it would be a direct challenge to the authority of Parliament to decide the law – and of our courts to rule on it.

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