Living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom are done. Empty and cleaned. Attic is empty. Only have to go back and spackle up a few nail holes in the walls.

Bedroom 1 is 2/3 done. Laundry room is 1/2 done. Garage is 2/3 done. That’s my list for today if I can swing it; it’s snowing HARD outside right now.

Bedroom 2 is a freakin’ disaster area, with stuff strewn everywhere and piles of junk that would make a hoarder proud.

I carved up about 40lb of cardboard boxes last night for recycling.  They were all up in the attic. Audiophiles always try to save the original boxes the equipment comes in, just in case it ever has to go back to the factory. Fug that. We bought the speakers in 1997 and they’re still working just fine, so the fantastic shipping boxes they came in ... on their own little pallets, with Masonite liners in the boxes and multiple layers of cardboard, surely the greatest boxes ever made ... they can go. I have enough spare gear to build an entire second home theater/stereo, mostly with “mid-fi” components from the middle 90s. Yippee.

God, I hope we can get this done by the end of the month. Worst case, I hope we can have everything out of the house by then. I doubt if the landlord cares if there’s a bit left in the garage, as long as we send him a couple bucks for carryover rent.

Damn, we’ve been living like pack rats. I never noticed it, since that condo has huge closets everywhere. This place doesn’t, so thinning stuff out is going to be our new hobby. Once we’ve moved, it will be a box of stuff a day: look at the stuff and decide whether to toss it, or how to work it into the space we have. Emphasis on TOSS IT.

I know, you guys are sick to death of these We’re Moving posts. Imagine how I feel, spending 6 or more hours a day at it. Every day of the month, outside events notwithstanding.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 11/27/2012 at 01:41 PM   
  1. I’m not tired of them. I find it interesting and at the same time possibly frightening because we may face the same in the future.  Our biggest problem will be where. We’re lucky tho as by your description of things, we haven’t near the “stuff” you do. We gave up a lot before moving across the Atlantic.
    An item lost right here at the house however, is a 50’s Monopoly game. We have everything but the damn board.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   11/27/2012  at  02:58 PM  
  2. Heck no Drew, These posts beat the hell out of the endless bowling updates,,,,,,,,,,,

    tongue wink

    Posted by Rich K    United States   11/28/2012  at  01:04 AM  
  3. Hey Drew - because of the hubby’s co-pays (and extra gas) for PT - we brought my Mom’s things and packed the garage. I thought after I finished the book boxes (about 50+) I was done. Not so fast. The auction guy was so pissed that the family demanded the unsold items back (like, gee, it was IN the damn contract) - that they just kinda wrapped and put the stuff into boxes. So I actually wrapped the items, took inventory and re-packed them. Finally finished the last dish pack (down to 1 plus a 3.1 from 3 dish packs) and about 10 re-packed book boxes of china etc. Then I come to discover - all the boxes I’d thought were done, I kinda breezed through without really going through them. I think I have about 5 boxes left.

    I did find some goodies - an 1887 edition of Grays Anatomy - binding sucks but it’s all there. I think I have about 2 dozen books published before 1910 - and some are even in excellent condition.

    Too bad I still haven’t found any of the guns - those I would be happy to have found and since I’ve found every receipt from forever - I know I have the original bill of sale around here in a box.

    But it seems everything really valuable - she already sold or gave to the male members of the family.

    We had to do a bit of the serious personal clean-out stuff - just to get the space to bring her junk here. Thankfully the Friends of the Library came for the 31 boxes of books I culled out from her stash of 3 generations of family members.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/28/2012  at  12:44 PM  
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