muslims march in wales, of all places. they’re everywhere and spreading like …. you name it.

Never give Wales a thought. I guess cos it’s so far from us, and it’s been a good 25 or so years since I’ve visited there. It just isn’t in the forefront of things. Til today when I happened upon this small story. Wales is not a very big place, and I would not in the normal course of things think of Wales and muslims together.
That is, until today. Look at a map, and do a small amount of research on Wales, it’s weather and customs and landscape etc. I hate to think of that beautiful place and muslims too.  It as tho they leave a trail of slime or something just not clean in their wake. Sort of like gypsies, romas, travelers. That ilk but with religion.

Hundreds in city centre for 30th annual Martyr’s march

By Ruth Mansfield

AROUND 500 Muslims marched through Newport city centre this afternoon in the 30th annual Martyr’s march.


The march, which is organised by the Islamic Society for Wales, commemorates the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson Imam Hussain.

Imam Hussain was among 73 Muslims slaughtered in Iraq more than 1,300 years ago.

Men, women and children chanted as they took part in the hour-long march which made its way way from Victoria Place, along Commercial Street and back up Stow Hill.

The marchers also repeatedly placed their hands against their chest as they paraded through the city while some carried flags and banners.

The marchers stopped along Commercial Street for a group of men to perform chants while beating their hands against their chests.

The event grabbed the attention of shoppers and passers-by who stopped to watch with some also taking photographs of the early afternoon march.

Also among the marchers was Mayor of Newport, Cllr John Guy who made a short speech before helping to lead the parade.

Speaking to the crowd, he said: “The Muslim community send a wonderful example of hard work and community spirit. I wish you all success and all the best for this very important day.”

Secretary of the society, Mubarak Ali said the march was the first of its kind in the UK and possibly Europe.

He said: “We started this in 1982 so are now in our 30th year.

I am really pleased with everyone coming and really appreciate the Mayor coming to support us.”

Organisers also thanked the council, police and marshals who had helped with the event.

H/T South Wales Argus

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 11/27/2012 at 10:19 AM   
  1. Mr. Guy, I know what you’re thinking, but they WILL kill you just like any other infidel.
    You can’t brown nose islam, and you can’t negotiate either, you can buy a little more life
    but not much.  Grow a pair and tell them to get the fuck out of your country while you still have one.

    Posted by grayjohn    United States   11/28/2012  at  12:24 PM  
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