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It’s interesting how planned posts are forgotten or put aside because one of our readers makes a comment on a subject which leads me to alter plans.
In this case, I had no intention of posting anything this early.
In fact, I booted so that I could email our repeat Rx. for medications into the doctor’s office. Something I should have done yesterday and didn’t. So I thought I would check here as long as I was online anyway, and see what we had.

The last post from me was yesterday and the headline was:

Spain sends Algerian criminal to live in the UK

and there’s nothing we can do about it

and TimboToo wrote to say;

the UK is the only country which slavishly adheres to the EU rules. Others “interpret” them and nothing happens…

followed by CenTexTim who asked.

What would happen if the UK basically said ‘f*** off’ to the EU rules? Would the EU declare war? Or just kick the UK out of their club?

CenTex also suggested that it,

Might be worth finding out…

Now that is a sentiment a good number of Brits have also asked but received nary an answer.

And so those two short comments prompted me to post a reply comment. But instead, I found myself writing an entire post in reply. And so, to clear the air a bit and with apologies to so many of my Brit friends, and not to mention my Brit wife who agrees with some frustration, my reply follows here instead of under the comments section of bmews.

the UK is the only country which slavishly adheres to the EU rules. Others “interpret” them and nothing happens

And so I wrote with some frustration;

Exactly right. Wife has been saying that for years. The Brits do tend towards slavishness in their approach to things.  They are more German than the Germans in that regard. It’s in the book and so we can not deviate one iota.  Their approach to a green planet is much the same. You should see the arguments that rage even in our little amateur local paper, The Hampshire Chronicle.  Most of the letters for example are from the sky is gonna fall any minute unless we ban everything that emits carbon, people.  And even the professional Daily Mail got on its high moral horse and started some kind of silly ban the plastic bag campaign. They want to discourage use of the plastic bags in grocery stores, and some stores have already started to charge a small sum for every bag. Of course, they also sell the planet saving bags you can reuse.  But the thing is, this little island, this insignificant little dot on the landscape, in relation to global warming or climate change or whatever other term is in vogue at the moment, is less then a single spit in both oceans. (A&P)

To read the papers and to read the comments the tree huggers write to editors, one would think the world depended on this flea on an Elephant’s ass, one small dot on the planet, to save it from itself. And they are VERY religious about it too.

I know I got way off the topic of the post, but Timbo’s comment was so 100% on the mark that it applies to everything these guys do. AND, too damn many approach political correctness with the same verve and religiosity. They can not deport hardened criminals because the vermin have something called “rights” and they MUST obey the European Court of Human Rights. Hardly anyone else does, but not the Brits. Oh no.  They’ll hold a gun to their collective heads and dare you to dare them to shoot. 

Go ahead ....  make my

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 11/26/2012 at 10:59 AM   
  1. Thank you for mentioning the prescription - I forgot to refill my son’s yesterday - all done now (I love the computer - just wish that this pharmacy had a drive through like the other for pick-up).

    It’s the ‘nothing the UK can do about it’ - that get’s me - who ever thought it was a good idea to let a bunch of people run their country’s business?

    Sad, but we have the same thing going right now - it’s just that our ‘bunch of people’ still claim to be Americans - even if they don’t act like it at all.

    Can’t wait to see what crappola they come up with in this lame duck session.

    What a terrible shame that the world’s going down the drain - and everyone just seems to stand by and do nothing.

    Oh by the way - (p)Resident Barack ‘The War is OVER’ Obama is deploying troops back to Iraq - isn’t that just peachy keen - coming from an active Army post by an active duty wife - so if they are going back to Iraq - have they even LEFT Afghanistan (yet?) - well even Piglosi said ‘we need a year or maybe more’ - and yet ‘they are coming home’ was one of the buzz phrases of the ‘candidate’ Obama’s political ads.

    I just don’t understand how people can be so damn clueless to believe the lies - again and again and again.

    Seems to be human condition right now - just wish we could find a cure. And fast.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/26/2012  at  11:52 AM  
  2. Vote for me!

    I shall be a benevolent dictator; you may refer to me as “Beloved Leader” and I shall work ceaselessly to restore the greatness of Britain.

    Let the ethnic cleaning begin!

    Posted by TimboToo    Spain   11/26/2012  at  08:10 PM  
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