treaty of debt

I’ve already done rants of one kind or another on the subject, but this is the first time I have seen this.
I’ve no idea just how accurate it actually is, but I confess I am influenced most by what I read and what I hear with regard to the EU. I feel sorry for the Brits who I hear complain about the loss of their sovereignty, and that does not come only from extremists like myself, but even from ppl who normally are quite moderate to somewhat left of cntr. Even they see what is happening and they are open in their concerns.  Not that anyone is doing anything about it.

On the other hand, while listening to a radio program called ‘Any Questions’ on BBC Radio 4, I was quite surprised to hear audience reaction in the form of cheers for the side that approved of the union with Europe. I think many were planted because one of the panel on the show Friday night was a liberal member of the Labour Party.

Anyway, seeing this makes me think of the monies dumped by the USA into the UN and into foreign aid.
I know they are being dishonest but I must say I have great sympathy for the wealthy who are able to avoid the extra taxes and I am even sympathetic to tax cheats.  When we consider all the money that has been spent over all these many, many years, money that now apparently belongs not to the people who earn it, but to peoples in other lands, well.  If I were on a jury trying an out and out tax cheat, I would never vote for conviction.  I guess it’s good for the system that I am well beyond being called. I know my attitude is not right. It certainly does not support the idea of being law abiding. But there you are. That’s me, that’s how I feel on the subject and things aren’t about to change.
And neither is how governments waste their taxpayers pounds and dollars. And here’s a scary thing I know most of you are already well aware of.
There are lots of folks back home (USA) who want ever closer ties, who I’ve heard on interviews claiming that borders separate people and should be done away with, and recently one of them said that the idea of a united states has had its day and would fold. Now that may have some merit when you look at how divided our country has become over the last 50 years. Not that we’ll have another uncivil war. I don’t mean that.  Just that we seem to have drifted apart in many ways.

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 11/25/2012 at 12:00 PM   
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Next entry: a country in an immigration rut. open borders? looks that way.


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