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Drew made a comment on another post and it just happens I was working on this at the same time.  Of course, it doesn’t answer the whole question but does go a long way on its own.

This country has long had a thing for underdogs, they are sympathetic to them and actually, that’s pretty much human nature.  You want to cheer on the guy everybody thinks will lose because he may show something or have a way that inspires ppl when he’s down. Stuff like that.  I may be wrong and Lyndon will tell me if it’s so, but I think even with conservative govts., there has long been a liberal bent to the populace.

Perhaps not quite as far as liberalism has gone these days, but in spite of what you might read in the negative about the days of empire, pretty much these folks (again, only my impression with no academic proof) have been more liberal in many attitudes than Americans have been.  They have always welcomed blacks in ways Americans didn’t. Sure, there’s been ill will at times on both sides of the colour line. But blacks here did not go through the same thing that blacks went through in the USA.  Now I’m not getting started on that subject but just saying that things here have always been different.  And of course, there’s white guilt.  Even when there isn’t a damn thing to be guilty about.  There has also been a quite serious romance with the left here.  People I’d never expect to be Bolshie have been just that.
So, over time and it started long ago, the left started taking charge even when the govt. was a conservative one.  Over time they have infiltrated those areas that have altered opinion and education.  Lyndon can paint a better picture for you and if he does I’ll post it.

Meanwhile,this will give you a picture of how things have been working, or as is the case, not working here.

A shambles! The truth about our leaky borders… Lack of checks let thousands of illegal immigrants stay in Britain

· UK Border Agency allowed tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to remain in UK without proper checks
· Thousands of foreign nationals were granted an ‘amnesty’ without their files being looked at
· Officials also repeatedly misled Parliament over what was happening, a Government inspector found

By Jack Doyle and James Slack

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers were allowed to stay in the UK without proper checks in yet another borders scandal, it emerged last night.
A Government inspector found that thousands of foreign nationals were granted an ‘amnesty’ without their files even being looked at.
Officials at the shambolic UK Border Agency (UKBA) also ignored evidence of deception and fraud by applicants whose cases dated back up to 17 years.

Some 124,000 cases were put in cold storage without proper checks to see if the applicant could be found. It has since emerged 37,500 people involved could have been easily located and potentially booted out.
A further 10,000 cases classified as having ‘legal barriers to removal’ had, in fact, just never been opened.

Officials also repeatedly misled Parliament over what was happening, according to John Vine, the chief inspector of Borders and Immigration.
The failure to properly check asylum cases means UKBA is in danger of overseeing an effective amnesty for many of them.

‘It appears that senior officials of the UKBA have misled the committee about facts and figures. To mislead a committee of the House is an extremely serious matter.
‘Those same officials have all received bonuses. On the basis of this report, they should hand them back immediately.’

The official who presided over much of this shambles? Lin Homer, the one-time £200,000-a-year head of the UKBA, has not been dismissed or even disciplined.
She gave false information to the committee, Lin Homer, has since been promoted to chief executive at HM Revenue and Customs on £175,000 a year.

UK Border Agency staff dealt with the backlog of cases so inefficiently that at one point 100,000 pieces of post from lawyers, MPs and others were unopened. As an exercise in incompetence, it can hardly be bettered.
But to make matters worse we now learn how Home Office officials repeatedly misled Parliament over the scale of the scandal.
Checks which MPs were assured had taken place simply did not happen.
And Indeed, she has been promoted to chief executive and permanent secretary of the HMRC – which collects the tax required for the country to function. Chancellor George Osborne should be very afraid.

all the sad story here

HM Revenue and Customs.  (THE BRIT EQUIV. OF OUR I.R.S.)

In an editorial on the subject today, the Daily Mail has asked;

“Just how miserably do public servants have to fail before they are pushed off the gilded jobs merry-go-round?”

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 11/23/2012 at 12:15 PM   
  1. We have the same thing - just a different lower class ethnic hate group.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/23/2012  at  12:29 PM  
  2. This is all going to end very badly. I can’t understand why our political “leaders” are incapable of seeing the end game.

    Posted by TimboToo    Spain   11/23/2012  at  12:31 PM  
  3. TimboToo - our political “leaders” are incapable of seeing beyond the next election. They could care less about what’s good for the country (either the US or the UK).

    Posted by CenTexTim    United States   11/23/2012  at  04:33 PM  
  4. our political “leaders” are incapable of seeing beyond the next election.

    And isn’t that the truth? I get the feeling things are just as bad back home as they are here in that regard. Although (and not certain 100%) I believe in the USA there might be some politicians who actually did once hold a regular job like us peons. Wonder what the actual figure might be.??
    I may have to visit Drew-world for stats on that.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   11/24/2012  at  10:54 AM  
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