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I am not up to much dialog or ranting today. Draggy but surfing for some things I don’t think you’ll see in the press back home. By which I mean, for those who don’t know, the USA.
If I wasn’t still so damn angry at the KGB disguised as immigration at LAX, I might even miss home.  Hmmm. I do which is why I’m still PO’d at those bastards.

The Swiss Army is preparing contingency plans for violent unrest across Europe. A nation mostly famous for its banks, watches and chocolate fears it may face a massive influx of European refugees in the near future.
One of the world’s richest nations openly expressed concerns over the possible outcome of Europe’s continuing financial troubles, and is currently conducting army exercises against the possibility of riots along its borders.
In September, the Swiss military conducted exercises dubbed ‘Stabilo Due,’ with scenarios involving violent instability across the EU.
Switzerland has maintained an avowedly neutral stance for decades, and refused to join the eurozone when presented with the opportunity.
Bern’s biggest fear is likely the disorganization of neighboring nations’ armies that would follow general instability; the eurozone crisis and the severe austerity measures in the EU are forcing member-states to significantly slash their military budgets. If protest continues to spread across Europe, police and armed forces may find themselves ill-equipped to manage the unrest.
“I will not rule out that we will need the army in the coming years,” Swiss Defense Minister Ueli Maurer said last Sunday.
The Swiss Defense Ministry has pressed ahead to modernize the country’s army despite political opposition. With its multibillion-Franc military budget and an army of around 200,000 soldiers, the country also plans to purchase new ‘Saab Gripen’ jet fighters.


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 11/21/2012 at 02:40 PM   
  1. That Gripen must be one cheap plane because after looking over its tech its plain the Swedes have’t updated this thing since the delta wing was first used back in the 50s.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   11/21/2012  at  05:36 PM  
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