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It occurs to me that in 1939 this country declared war on Germany (lots of folks forget just who declared war on who first) in order to comply with a treaty that guaranteed Polish territorial integrity.  Of course, it only applied to the Germans as things turned out.
Seems like now the invasion is being done by (besides muzzies) eastern euros led by Polish criminals with others right behind them, as once again this country must follow the dictates of European treaty entanglements.

It does not help in any way that thanks to their membership in the European piss ant Union, the borders are a joke about as bad and in fact much worse, then the borders we have with Mexico back in the US. In both cases, a nation’s sovereignty is
very much undermined.

When you read this, keep in mind it’s just London in this instance. Just one major city.

‘Immigrant crimewave’ warning: Foreign nationals were accused of a QUARTER of all crimes in London

By Jack Doyle and Stephen Wright

Foreigners are accused of more than one in four crimes committed in London, an investigation reveals.
Astonishingly, they make up nine out of ten drug suspects and are responsible for more than one in three sex offences.
Nationals of Poland, Romania and Lithuania are most likely of all foreigners to be prosecuted by the police.
A string of horrendous attacks carried out by Eastern European criminals in recent months has raised concerns over the lack of checks on new arrivals.
Earlier this week a Polish burglar was jailed for at least 34 years for the murder of an elderly couple in their home – just one week after he arrived in the UK.
Ireneusz Bartnowski, 22, stabbed and battered to death grandparents Guiseppe and Caterina Massaro in Wolverhampton.
He lay in wait in their bedroom and attacked them with a knife and a hammer, the court heard. The Metropolitan Police statistics were unearthed by the London section of BBC Politics.
Polish criminals thought British prisons were like being in ‘a spa’, he said, adding they would ‘think twice’ if they thought they would be sent home to serve time.
Last month, Lithuanian Rimvydas Liorancas hanged himself in prison while on remand for the double murder of Carole and Avtar Kolar at their home in Birmingham.
After his death, it emerged Liorancas got into Britain despite a conviction for armed robbery.
Earlier this month, a senior judge demanded to know why a Lithuanian child-rapist, Victor Akulic, was let into Britain, where he went on to beat and rape a woman.
He had been jailed for nine years in his homeland after raping a seven-year-old.
Critics say Britain’s open borders with other EU members make it impossible to control who comes and goes. In many cases, Brussels regulations make it impossible to stop criminals from entering even if we know of their convictions.
EU laws also restrict the Government’s ability to send criminals back home after prison.
More than 11,000 foreign national offenders are behind bars in England and Wales.
A UK Border Agency spokesman said: ‘Any foreign national offender sentenced to more than 12 months in prison is automatically recommended for deportation.’

And just recently;

Ireneusz Melaniuk?  WTF? How the hell do you pronounce that ?

A man who beat and stabbed a man to death in Suffolk while on the run from a Polish prison will spend a minimum of 26 years in jail.
Ireneusz Melaniuk, 28, was given a life sentence at Ipswich Crown Court after pleading guilty to the murder of Bury St Edmunds jeweller Peter Avis, 66.
Mr Avis was killed at his flat above his Collis & Son shop during a botched burglary in January.
Melaniuk also admitted burglary.
At the time of the killing, Melaniuk was wanted in Poland after absconding from a prison term for a robbery offence.
Mr Avis had been stabbed 13 times and beaten with a glass ashtray.
The court heard that Melaniuk was not on a European “watch list” meaning he was able to enter the UK undetected, raising questions over how European countries share information.
Peter Avis was found dead in the flat above his shop in Abbeygate Street
British and Polish authorities must now decide which country he will serve his sentence in.
Prosecutor Peter Gair told the court that Melaniuk and his accomplices carefully planned the raid, knowing that there were valuable items in the shop and that Mr Avis was vulnerable.
Asked why he had the knife used in the attack, he told officers: “I was in the habit of carrying a knife because I used to do this in Poland.”

Adam Butler, mitigating, said that Melaniuk’s parents were both alcoholics and he had turned to a life of crime.

The court earlier heard how Kamel Kita, 21, Pawel Pacian, 35, Pawel Borowiecki, 31, and Aleksandra Karpiuk, 27, all played a part in either planning the burglary or helping Melaniuk escape.

They were all jailed at a previous hearing.


Mitigating? Uh huh.  Maybe someone should whack Mr Butler about the head with a glass ash tray and stab him a number of painful times.  Let him know what it feels like but don’t let him die. Instead make him defend his attacker and see if he will ask to have anything mitigated for his new client.
Any of you folks ever read any of the Judge Dee books? 

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