Another Big Moving Day

Yes, this moving half a mile uphill is taking forever, ain’t it? That’s what happens when a) you do it all yourself, with the help of family [some who are infirm or aged], and b) when you let all sorts of fix up projects get in the way.  But today we have a pickup truck available from sunrise, so by 10am we should be done with breakfast etc and be ready to move furniture. We got several big pieces moved yesterday, rugs, and more of the infinite number of boxes of stuff. Things I haven’t seen in years are appearing, getting packed up in plastic bins, and getting shuttled up the hill.

If we can move both sofas, my dresser, the speakers, the Canadel, and the entertainment cabinet that’s out in the garage today, then I’ll consider it a big success. But I have to do the rest of my cleaning, and they called yesterday and asked that I do the windows. That means I have to get there in the daytime when it’s above freezing, so I won’t be able to work here past 2:30.

So let’s get a move on Drew. Because you’re the one providing most of the muscle here.

Forward! [just felt like tossing some Obama sarcasm out there. G_d I am so pissed off at the selfish stupidity of the American public AND the corruption at the voter registration/ballot counting places.]

Holy cheese and rice ... I saw last week’s People magazine, that had a Last Minute recap of the candidates. Under Big Supporters, Obama had Honey Boo-Boo. And under favorite music, he had Springsteen’s We Take Care of our Own. How telling is that? And the DMFSPOS public elected him again anyway.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 11/18/2012 at 02:06 PM   
  1. Good luck on the move - I just want to make one more move - out of this pathetic excuse for a Union controlled state.

    The electorate didn’t elect him again - PA & OH districts rich in Union Thugs and ACORN wanna-bes - stole the election by breaking the FEDERAL ELECTION LAWS - and once again - much like 2008 - it won’t be investigated nor punished. And that doesn’t even touch those districts that allow Criminal Illegal Invaders to also vote. And should we go into those states/Sec of States/Districts that just discard any absentee military ballots - for a hundred and one miniscule reasons - while a certifiable moron like Al Franken can be elected on ballots ‘found’ in the trunk of a car days after the election (totally illegal in MN). As long as the Dems violate the LAWS and get a way with it:

    Every single vote in America is worthless.

    It is not up to the corrupt, lying and cheating Dems, nor is it even up to the slightly less corrupt Republicans, Congress or courts - It is up to WE THE PEOPLE to demand - Election Integrity and a PROCESS that ENSURES only American citizens VOTE and Vote their Conscience - not what some THUG with a Union threat or billy club intimidates them into.

    People on the Left are still bleating over the 2000 election (selected not elected) to imply that the evil Republicans started this ‘stealing’ of elections since the ‘popular’ vote always goes to the DemocRAT - I call bs. Until the system is more secure than it is - I support the EC - even if it is being tilted toward the Dems too.

    Photo ID, a purple finger (proof of having voted) - heck a thumb print on an Election ID - I’m all for SECURING THE ELECTION PROCESS. And of course kicking every single Criminal Illegal Invader (and their spawn, THERE IS NO ANCHOR BABY ‘clause’ - that was a FOOTNOTE on a Supreme Court ruling) - back to their home of origin with the caveat that they are forbidden to even apply for LEGAL immigration for 10 years. And yes, Virgina, we can do it - Eisenhower did it in 1954 without computers, without cell phones - and it worked. And why oh, why does anyone think it is a good thing to pass new ‘laws’ when the ones on the books aren’t even enforced. Yes, I know, it is simply to let the 12 t0 40 million Criminal Illegal Invaders stay here without any legal repercussions. Why pass the ‘laws’ - it’s ALREADY happening!

    And while we are at it - dump the political ads - Print, tv and radio - and simply allow each candidate a stint on the tv, radio and print - every Sunday (five minutes, 100 words or less) to make their case. First negative attack - gets your next stint off the air the next week. No ‘fixed’ debates, no attack ads, no negative toward the opponent - just state your case.

    Politicians are SUPPOSED to be PUBLIC SERVANTS - not our MASTERS.

    We need to TAKE BACK AMERICA from these vile, evil, lying and cheating thieves. Now, before it’s too late. And believe me - the only Bush/McCain/Romney legacy is - is that it isn’t ENTIRELY the fault of the DemocRATS.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/18/2012  at  02:49 PM  
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