honor among an honorless tribe

Ran across a brief and sad story and as CenTex mentioned some days ago, same crap, different day.  Passing on anyway because I caught the story via Clive James and although the story is same old, same old, there was a comment made by the vermin James was referring to, that kind of stopped me in my tracks.  Hope you don’t mind the tired old expression.

There was an investigative program on TV in which a young muslim woman named Banaz Mahmod said that her family would soon kill her.
Well, nobody listened I guess or if anyone did there wasn’t anyone to stop her murder.

Quoting James, “Not enough of the world took heed and so down she went. A victim of honor killing.” What moved me James said, “was the clear worth of her personality. We need her and what we have got instead are the men of her family.”
He continues, “How can we arrange it so that women like her get into the country while men like them are kept out.”

I guess we all know the answer. They can’t be kept out. Or so it seems anyway.

The report James says, explained that “the men of Banaz’s family hold traditional cultural beliefs.”
Yeah well, one of those stone age beliefs is that if you think a young woman in your family has dishonoured you, based on the twisted codes of what passes for honor in their twisted and mad world, then it quite naturally follows that you must kill her.
So what exactly did Banaz Mohmod do to dishonor this honorless family?

She ran away from an abusive and arranged marriage. 

At the start of this post I said there was something that really stopped me cold.
And here it comes.  Yeah I know, you’re thinking she’s dead so what more to say?
Trust me here. 

When faced with the accusation that he raped her for two years at a stretch, he didn’t even bother to deny the charge.  This guy is a real charmer.
What he said was;

“I do force her to have sex, but only when she says no.”


Please keep in mind folks, these are the people (I use the term ppl loosely) we must not abuse or offend.
That’d be islamophobic.

And oh yes, Amnesty Intl.  has no comment. They’re busy getting ready for Tuesday’s strike.

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 11/17/2012 at 07:47 PM   
  1. I for one have increased my use of targeted profanity( self edited by spacing for filter purposed of course) on comment boards by a factor of 10 since the election.No one gets spared the torch and no one gets to play stupid if Im waving my keyboard around.But since no one cares what I think,or any of us here for that matter ,I am determined to Flame those worthless fucks any time I feel like it and Bobs your Uncle.

    censored  cussing  argument  finger  nah-nah  show_tits

    Posted by Rich K    United States   11/18/2012  at  05:14 AM  
  2. If it was ANY religion, cult or simply individual - other then islam - they would get the sh*t that they deserve.

    Sad thing is - It’s going to kill us one day. When they succeed in taking that 1% that pushes them into the majority (population, gov seats, whatever) - We will all have to declare War - or they will slaughter us all - without a second thought.

    Don’t believe me - just read about what is going on in parts of Africa.

    It’s coming to Europe and America - sooner than most people believe.

    Yes, we can hunt down the Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Warren Jeffs - but not even execute, simply charge them and render a civil and reasonable sentence - scum like this from the earth - No, can’t do, it’s his religious beliefs.

    Bite Me. And I hope these weak kneed pansies are the first to be killed - but alas, I know it will be innocents. It always is.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   11/18/2012  at  02:59 PM  
  3. How much do you want to bet that Arabs really do have tiny dicks?

    Posted by Macker    United States   11/18/2012  at  03:38 PM  
  4. You are right wardmama, sadly just now there are few who see this, I hope I am near people like you when the time comes!

    Posted by Chris Edwards    Canada   11/18/2012  at  04:26 PM  
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