Another Day’s Effort

Man am I going to need a chiropractic adjustment when this is all over. Family coming down to visit today and bringing a truck. So I can maybe move a few more pieces of furniture, but mostly stuff. It takes a million trips, I swear. Guess I’d better get another coat of paint on the coat closet before they arrive.

We won 5-2 in Cheap League last night. That keeps us in first place for another week. I went 138 over average last week, so I got the strike ball this week and I made it. Prize was $15, so that paid for bowling. Or for some gas; now that the hurricane crisis is over, the rapacious bastidges who run the gas stations have lowered their prices back to where they were before the storm. Rat finks jacked the price up 28¢ per gallon.

Ok, so here’s a very pretty girl who is not a redhead. It happens. You know the drill: clicky.


Posted by Drew458    United States   on 11/16/2012 at 02:34 PM   
  1. Tsk tsk Drew, are you just another fair weather Capitalist? Price based on temporary shortage allows you to have gas. Doesn’t anyone remember 1973 anymore??
    OK, here is where I get a revised history of evil Rockafeller shit from Drew in 3,,2,,1,,,

    tongue  tongue  pacifier  tongue  tongue

    Posted by Rich K    United States   11/16/2012  at  07:13 PM  
  2. BTW, MetArt makes some real nice classy looking Pron these day, you should check it out. Oh, Sorry, I forgot, your married and don’t Need Pron.My Bad.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   11/16/2012  at  07:15 PM  
  3. Aw, no titties to see (about to become Divorced again)? Bummer!

    Posted by Macker    United States   11/18/2012  at  03:43 PM  
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