law, order and justice too? Yeah right. In yer dreams.

okay I’ll be honest. I haven’t any idea which govt. this newest soft approach to doing time is responsible.  Is it the leftover from the Labour govt., “Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime.” Needless to say neither has come to pass. 
Anyway, I thought I’d acquaint the readership with just how mean and tough the folks here can be when they set their minds to it.

Prisoners have landlines installed in their cells despite Government pledge to crackdown on perks behind bars

· The cost of the pilot scheme is being paid for by BT
· If successful, it could be copied in prisons throughout England and Wales
· Offenders buy phone credit but there is no limit to how many calls they make
By Martin Beckford
If the pilot scheme is deemed a success it could be copied in public sector prisons across England and Wales, having been used for several years in privately run institutions.
But it is taking place at the same time as the new Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, has vowed to stop prisoners spending all day in their cells watching television or playing video games.
Inmates can also have televisions in their cells for £1 a week while those given “enhanced” status for good behaviour are allowed PlayStation consoles from home and can sleep on their own bedding.
Last month the prisons watchdog, Nick Hardwick, said too many prisoners were “lying on their backs in their cells watching daytime telly” because of a lack of money and staff to give them useful activities.
But some of the in-cell perks could be scrapped as ministers try to stop prisons being seen as “holiday camps”.
A law is being passed that will allow jamming devices to block mobile phone signals in jails, while access to satellite TV channels could be removed.

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Hmm. Wonder who will pay in the end for those BT land lines that says BT will pay for. Like hey man, since when does a telecom giant like British Telecom offer to get involved with social matters on this scale?  Yeah they’ll pay alright. Then collect from the public in higher rates. Again.

Half of all burglars are not sent to prison, even though most have 12 convictions

By Martin Beckford
Burglars with a string of previous convictions are being spared jail, prompting calls for Ministers to toughen up on sentencing.
New figures show the average burglar now has 12 break-ins to their name, the highest number ever recorded.
More than 3,000 convicted last year had been found guilty at least 20 times before.
Despite this, half the burglars were given fines or community sentences rather than being sent to prison.

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Community sentences instead of prison. Yes by golly. That will damn well put the frighteners on the bastards. 

Although I could easily come up with more, I’ll simply say finally, there’s this bit of pc rocket science.

Met’s black officers to get priority for top jobs

By Martin Beckford
Britain’s biggest police force is to become the first public body to adopt a policy that gives priority for top jobs to black people and women.
The Metropolitan Police will recruit senior officers and promote civilian staff from minority groups in ‘tie-break’ situations where they are just as qualified as white or male candidates.
Scotland Yard’s diversity board has warned that the ‘positive action’ policy, made legal by equality laws last year, will be controversial.

The move could trigger lawsuits by job applicants who lose out and is likely to raise concerns that successful candidates were chosen to fill quotas rather than on merit. But a meeting chaired by Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe took the decision to use positive action after it was given Government advice.
Minutes of the policy forum meeting on July 11 state: ‘The Forum were supportive of using a legal provision that could potentially deliver a more diverse workforce.

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Ah diversity. Where would we all be without thee?

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