And Again

Back at the new hacienda, ready to go.

Looks like the landscape guys were here; the small tree that was behind the back corner of the house and was half torn out of the ground by the hurricane has been cut down and taken away. Fine by me. It wasn’t a really tall tree or even a very good one, all vertically branchy like an overgrown bush. I guess it was a poplar or somesuch. But it was leaning over, and half the roots were ripped up, so there was no saving it.  Bye bye. And now it won’t overshadow the top of the fireplace chimney, just in case I want to open up the fireplace again (previous owner sealed it off with a Plexiglass panel) and use it.

Otay. I found the hacksaw, so now I can cut the angle brackets to hang the garage door opener. Get one more cup of coffee in me and it’s off to the mines. I mean the garage. And get things done!


I bowled a 660 series last night, and we won all 7. Woo hoo for me. First game was a 268, which is friggin’ awesome for me.  X X X X 8/ X X X X, X 8/. The alley guys say that when the temperature and the humidity are both at 70 people roll really high scores. The numbers were very very close to exactly that last night. I got beat out in the weekly brackets game ( your score plus your handicap against some other bowler, top score survives to the next round ) even with my 203 in game 2. With my 36 pin handicap, that’s a 239, but I was up against Arnie and he threw a 289, his best of the season so far. It figures.


Posted by Drew458    United States   on 11/09/2012 at 02:42 PM   
  1. Greaaaat, the economy is headed for the cellar but Drew is improving his skill at rolling a ball downhill. Its the NEW AMERICA everybody,Cheers to All!
    peace  weed  sheep  smurf

    Posted by Rich K    United States   11/09/2012  at  10:12 PM  
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