In Touch Again For Now

INTERNET working again, Woo Hoo!!

Looks like I’ve got internet again. It was up for a few hours several days ago but then went down. We had no ‘net, no house phone for several days. At least we got the power back. And it looks like the gasoline lines that we had everywhere for a few days have now mostly gone away. I’m not sure if NJ is still doing the odd-even fill up thing any longer, but I can fill up today without trouble.

The carpet guys came and got the wall-to-wall reasonably clean. Cream colored deep pile carpet, with a bad case of Ring Around The Condo. I took the baseboard heaters off the walls so they could clean under the edges, and that reduced a lot of the dirty black edges. Give me hardwood floors with carpet over them any day, thank you. But I got all kinds of dirt, dust, and old dead bugs out of the heaters too. And put them back up properly, attached 16” OC, instead of 3 little nails over an 8 foot run.

What with the hurricane, her mother’s funeral, etc., we decided to rent the other place down the hill for the whole month of November. That takes the frantic pressure to move everything RIGHT NOW off, and let’s us do some projects while there isn’t a ton of stuff in the way. Like I cleaned out the clothes dryer and it’s flue pipe, and removed bags full of lint. And we can paint the place without too many drop cloths.

Now she wants to remodel the bathroom, putting in a linen cabinet, replacing the vanity, knocking out the short wall next to the toilet, new cabinets, and new tile. Plus the new shower rod, and gosh, shouldn’t the faucet, shower head, tub knobs and faucets, towel bars, wall shelves, robe hooks, and toilet paper holder all be of the same style? Looks like “laying tile and putting in mollys” is going to be my middle name again.

And naturally, there is another nor’easter headed our way, not a hurricane but a big wet windy storm, due to hit tomorrow. So we can do this all over again.

Hey, we got off lightly. Just a few dozen trees down around here. Down county they are without power, phone, and even water in a few places; I drove around a couple of the Road Closed barriers on some of the back roads nearby, and found downed and trees wires all over the place. The wind gap down by Cherryville Baptist church has every single phone pole blown down across the street for nearly a mile. Dozens of them.  Yikes. I’m just glad that the high tension towers over them didn’t go over as well.

I got up early and went out to vote. It wasn’t that hard, and Union Township was putting in a good showing at the polls. Damn right. We Jersey Tough here, and we’re not letting any lousy disaster make us miss out on casting our votes to get rid of that dumbnuts in DC. So I hope you make the effort today too.

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Posted by Drew458    United States   on 11/06/2012 at 02:36 PM   
  1. voted early absentee ballot. Didn’t see you on the ballot so had to vote for Romney.
    lots of issues also on the CA ballot like the DP which libs say does not work. of course it doesn’t. cos it takes a lifetime to get someone deleted and we know where that leads.

    looks like you have a lot of work there. snail mailed to old addrss yesterday.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   11/06/2012  at  05:17 PM  
  2. Drew the lesson to take from this is I feel as the boys scouts say “be prepared” I dont like to be all doom and gloom, but it would be prudent to stock up on essentials like water, rice and beans.

    Posted by LyndonB    United Kingdom   11/06/2012  at  05:49 PM  
  3. Voted early but not often since I’m not a Dem, batten down the hatches. BOHICA.

    Posted by Col. Bat Guano    United States   11/06/2012  at  05:54 PM  
  4. Lyndon, once bitten twice shy. Now I’m leaning in that direction myself. It might take a few months for me to be comfortable on anything less than 3/4 tank of gas with a full jerry can back home, and a closet full of canned goods.

    But now I have passed the final test of manhood - I assembled my own gas grill from a box of parts, and it works just fine.  Horry clap what a nightmare job those inscrutable Made In China horrors are - so with luck I will always have a cooking source that requires no services from any of the utility companies.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   11/06/2012  at  06:47 PM  
  5. Make sure you keep an extra tank of propane, they run out at the most inconvenient times.

    Posted by Steve_in_CA    United States   11/06/2012  at  07:14 PM  
  6. So, the wife got “I won the lottery” fever now that she has a house of her own to put her mark on eh?
    God help you Drew!


    Posted by Rich K    United States   11/06/2012  at  07:48 PM  
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