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These pictures are pretty much brand new, both taken in August.

Visit for thousands more.

The “Berk” in this case is the Nickel Plate Road engine 765, a 2-8-4 Berkshire locomotive. Built in 1944, this anthracite eating 400 ton chugger is again making steam and delighting rail fans around the northern mid-west.

Read a bit more about her here. And here as well. And there are loads of pics and videos as close as your nearest search engine.

For more about the Nickel Plate Road, aka the NKP, which is the TLA that the NPR actually goes by, because “New York, Chicago, and St. Louis Railroad Company” takes too long to say, venture over here.

Bridges? Nah, I’m not saying anything about those two, although the stone one is quite famous. And the other one is wrought iron.


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  1. Fucking Bridge Tease.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   09/29/2012  at  10:32 PM  
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