I say good for the French and screw the UN.  Gasbags who have nothing better to do then spend other ppls’ tax money.

Anyway, the frakin UN has its knickers ina twist because the French are tossing out gypsies. The headline reads, “UN attacks France over human rights.” What human? Where do they find those among gypsies outside a Hollywood movie?  This followed a headline from some days before which read; “French rout gipsy camp in migrant crackdown.”

See, the French have the same problem the Brits and others do. But say what you want to about them, the French once they’ve had it are not weepy eyed hand wringers crying, Ohhhh dear! What shall we do?  No.  They got fed up to the gills with the BS and cracked down on the vermin.  Mores the pity they won’t simply shoot them dead so none can sneak back into their country.  Which no doubt they will do.
The reporting paper said that the French were “forcing people out of their homes on ILLEGAL campsites.” And the UN doesn’t like that.  This is supposed to be going on all over France.  Gee, imagine that.  Their country and they get the notion since it still is theirs, they have a right to toss out subhuman illegals setting up campsites. Well I never.
Oh yeah …. this post isn’t so much about the rat bastards at the UN or even the French connection I’ve made here.  Nope.
It’s about some Bulgarians.  The French are sending back gypos to Romania and Bulgaria from whence they came.

So while the French are sending many back, guess who’s coming to dinner here?
You don’t need to guess. Do ya?  Of course ya don’t.
So take a look anyway.

H/T The Sun, A place I rarely visit.

“They heard about the benefits here and have come to claim them”

Family of nine Bulgarian gypsies who targeted UK to scrounge benefits are housed in just three weeks — at the taxpayers’ expense

A FAMILY of Bulgarian gypsies who came to Britain to scrounge benefits have been given a house — less than three weeks after arriving in the country.
Rusi Georgiev, 41, partner Mariana Sabeva, 34, and their SEVEN kids headed to the UK when work ran out at home.
They set up a makeshift camp outside historic Westminster Cathedral in Central London — as Rusi told pals he was here to take advantage of the soft welfare system.
The family has now been handed a home after lodging a claim for asylum with the Home Office.
The gypsies arrived legally by coach with European passports. They were in council emergency accommodation before camping outside the Catholic cathedral.
The Sun found them living in squalid conditions, littered with dirty nappies.
They slept on the ground outside the cathedral doors.
A fellow Bulgarian said: “They heard about the benefits here and have come to claim them.
“They’ve been offered tickets back to Bulgaria by the authorities but they want to stay.
“In Bulgaria they can’t get these benefits. More and more people are going to do this.”
Westminster Council eventually took the family off the streets because of “safeguarding concerns around the children”.
They are now living in a house at taxpayers’ expense while the Home Office processes their asylum claim.
Tory MP Nicholas Soames called it “unacceptable”.
Matthew Sinclair, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, added: “Ministers must ensure Britain isn’t an easy target for benefit tourism.
“Asylum is not meant for anyone who fancies an easy life at taxpayers’ expense.”

Wanna bet ?  Looks like you have it already like it or not. 
There are two choices.  Delete the entire family and send a message to others who want to come here and suck the place dry, or pay em and house em. Forever.
Or, you could send them to France and let them deport them.  But then, that leaves open the possibility they will return.

Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 09/12/2012 at 09:00 AM   
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