how to deport scum without violating their human rights. it keeps getting dumber.

If ever a people and nation have been taken to the cleaners time and time again, and knowing all the time that they were, this nation and these people are it.
That old and much used expression, words fail, come to mind in sharing this bit of insanity. And there’s more then just this article, which is bad enough.
No more from me. Read this from the Daily Mail.

UK pays to refit foreign prisons: Taxpayers foot bill to revamp jails in Nigeria and Jamaica so criminals can be deported without breaching their human rights

UK jails house inmates from 156 countries, including 900 Jamaicans and 594 Nigerians

Government is spending £3million modernising foreign jails


British taxpayers are paying to make jails in Jamaica and Nigeria more comfortable in a desperate bid to persuade foreign criminals to serve their sentences at home.

Ministers have resorted to the tactic – designed to satisfy the human rights of inmates – after it emerged that the UK’s own prison system has turned into a ‘United Nations of crime’.

Research by the House of Commons library, seen by the Mail, reveals how our jails contain inmates from a staggering 156 countries – more than three out of every four member states of the UN.

Worryingly, the total number of foreign prisoners is rising – despite pledges by David Cameron to fix the mess.

By March this year, there were 11,127 behind bars, at an estimated cost to the UK public purse of more than £420million. This is up from 10,778 in 2011.

The group, which includes rapists, murderers and burglars, now makes up more than one in every eight convicts.

The figures were disclosed as the Prime Minister faced more criticism yesterday over his foreign aid commitments.

Mr Cameron was taking part in a radio phone-in when a pensioner called to tell him it was wrong that she was denied a cancer drug while billions were spent on overseas aid.

Meanwhile, it emerged that the dire need to create space in our packed jails has prompted ministers to take the extraordinary step of establishing a £3million annual pot to make it easier for convicts to serve their sentences back home.

Splashing money on prisons abroad is certain to prove controversial. But officials insist it will be cheaper in the long run than the annual £38,000 bill for keeping a single prisoner locked up here.

Currently, money is being spent in Jamaica to ‘assist Jamaican authorities in modernising their prison service and rehabilitation and reintegration activities’.

In Nigeria, one project supports the provision of ‘human rights training for prison officers’.


“officials insist it will be cheaper in the long run than the annual £38,000 bill for keeping a single prisoner locked up here.”

Why has it not occurred to anyone that if they want to save money, a quick and very quiet deletion might be cheaper yet. Set up a lice removal service and bingo.  Problem solved. I guess tho they’d rather put up with this.


This island is filling up, it’s drowning in scum and to make matters worse, the courts and civil rights industry do not help matters. They add to the problem.

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