Save Money With The New Subayota BRZ


This is the new Aston-Martin Vanquish. With a 520hp 5.9L V12, it can go 0-60 in about 4.4 seconds. It gets 11mpg around town, 22mpg highway, and cost $255,000. Top speed is over 200mph.


This is the new Subaru BRZ. Built by a cooperative effort between Subaru and Toyota, the BRZ has a 200hp 2.0L flat 4, and can go 0-60 in about 6.6 seconds. Top speed is around 135mph. It gets 25mpg around town 34mpg highway, and costs about $25,000.
Subaru + Toyota = Subayota, which is much better than Toyota + Chevrolet = Toyolet. Flush that one!

2/3 the car for 1/10 the price, with nearly double the gas mileage. Looks quite a bit like the A-M too, just smaller. Pretty slick trick. And just wait until next year or the year after, when Subaru’s 2.5L turbo motors sneak their way under the hood and add another 65hp.

I saw one of these the other day, in the parking lot by the Korean restaurant we went to. I’ve always been a car spotter, but I haven’t followed the car magazines in years. I had no idea this thing even existed. It’s quite impressive looking. It’s small, and low, and very swoopy looking. From some angles it strongly reminds me of the old Opel GT. From other angles is says 240-Z loud and clear. Yet the grill seems like something from Maserati, and the little wing on the back lid reminds me of Ferraris from the mid 70s.

Toyota is selling their nearly identical version, called the FR-S, under the Scion brand name. It’s a 2-seater in reality, although it does actually have a back seat. Yeah right. Anyone older than 5 can’t fit back there. It looks like a really fun car to drive, and my bet is you won’t see yourself coming the other way 50 times a day, if ever. 2-seaters don’t sell well in America. They’re a very niche market. The BRZ is bigger than the Mazda Miata, bigger than the Honda S2000, but smaller than the Hyundai Genesis Turbo. The flat 4 engine sits low in the front, and for a Subaru the BRZ is unique: it’s rear wheel drive only.

Early reviews are very positive. It’s not a race car. It’s not a street racer or some Tokyo Drift thing. It doesn’t look like an econo-box with a coal shovel hood scoop on the front and a massive wing stolen from Boeing’s spare parts bin on the back like every other performance Subaru. I gather that tall people can get inside, and folks with bottoms larger than an 11 year old girl’s can sit comfortably in the seats. It’s a stylish drivers’ car with excellent handling and reasonable power that probably doesn’t cost a fortune to insure. Well built with a reasonable ride. A sports car for the rest of us, that you can drive every day.  After all, you wouldn’t want to take your Aston Martin out in the rain, would you?



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Posted by Drew458    United States   on 06/20/2012 at 02:28 AM   
  1. I rather like that! I may have to look into one of those in time.

    Posted by cmblake6    United States   06/22/2012  at  12:14 AM  
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