Sugar Sugar

No, not a revival of the old Archies tune, a broadside against the sweetening up of the American and English diets.

Are you fat? Blame Nixon.

And once again, it’s looking more and more that Atkins was right. Low glycemic index eating, Italian, Greek, Mediterranean eating styles, caveman diet, gluten free diet ... it all boils down to 1) eliminate the excess sugars, 2) eliminate or severely reduce the white flour, 3) get rid of as many artificial additives as possible, 4) curb your sweet tooth.

Read a good essay on why everyone in the UK is a right fat bastard ... although it looks like the PC term is “bariatrically challenged”.  Ambulances with fat spatulas and people cranes? Eww.

But hey, Americans are just as piggy.

And it’s a conspiracy theory? Agribusiness and government knowingly behind the whole thing, blaming fat while loading us down with sugars and fast carbs? Or could it just be an unforeseen and unintended consequence of the Green Revolution and the rise of global scale agribusiness?

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Posted by Drew458    United States   on 06/13/2012 at 03:55 PM   
  1. Wife was on that Atkins diet and lost quite a bit and then boom. Shingles and so end of diet. In fact, she wasn’t eating much of anything after getting sick for so long.
    Something in the health section today’s paper and suddenly the Atkins diet, it was claimed, is dangerous and can lead to ???? honestly I forgot. Heart attack or stroke I think.

    One week We read how good red wine was, then in another issue it was deadly.

    Frankly, the stuff that tastes good does because of salt and sugars, I would imagine.
    But there’s serious talk about reducing both for our own good. Yeah, like we won’t add those things ourselves if needed. Jeesh.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   06/13/2012  at  04:31 PM  
  2. I tried the Belly Fat diet - lost 14 pounds but it sent my cholesterol and glucose through the roof, I’m still fighting those - although they have gone down. Carbs and sugar are my demons - it’s just nigh on impossible to eat without carbs. Now they want my on the Diabetes diet - carbs and whole grains - not happening here.

    The sugar I get - so for things I alone eat - don’t do it, Cut sodas almost all out, unsweet tea etc. But I do use sugar in family items - so it’s not a 100% drop. Can’t do Nutrasweet and Splenda as they give me instant splitting headaches. Have tried xylitol and erythritol - great in drinks but hard on the digestive system if used in baking or deserts. Which is where I want to use it!

    It’s a conspiracy between the ADA, FDA, Big Food, Big Agriculture, Big Pharma and the crapweasels in DC (see corresponding entities in UK) - too keep people dumb, disease ridden (diabetes and obesity could be reduced in a generation by having 100% breastfeeding for the first year of life), fat and on medications.

    The key is not to listen to any person or expert who has an alphabet designation in their report, study or appearance on tv.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   06/13/2012  at  04:48 PM  
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