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Karen Gillan and Matt Smith filming Dr. Who in NYC’s Central Park

Perhaps the best hit show they’ve ever had, the BBC has been running Dr. Who since 1963. My brother has been a fan since I was a little kid, although I admit I only got into the show with the current crop of actors. Well, one of them. Six foot tall leggy redheads? Now with glasses? swoon. But it turns out that the show is a fun romp, a bit of silly sci-fi as our heroes go travelling across time and space solving the entire galaxy’s problems on a weekly basis ... although they always seem to wind up back in the center of the known universe, ie the UK.

So the Brits have this world famous show that tens of, dozens of, perhaps hundreds of millions of people watch. Religiously. A completely captive audience, eager for every last drop of Who, searching the internet for behind the scenes videos, scraps of information, news on the latest Christmas Special episode. So what does the BeeB do? They take this mega-hit show ... and stop showing new episodes.

In the UK a “season” of TV apparently is 12 to 15 episodes. In the US, we call that a rip off. 16 episodes is a suck season. 18 is a bit cheap. 20 is nice, and 23 is what we want.

I don’t give a rat’s **** what the reasons are. All I know is that there hasn’t been any new Who since the fall. Ok, 2 holiday episodes, which were pretty great, thanks. And then SQUAT. And months go by. Please. What, they ran out of stories? When they have the entire universe and the entire scope of time to write in? And every popular sci-fi author out there willing and eager to pen up some action? No, not hardly. Oh, and the Who episodes are marvelously cheap, the way only proper British Television can be. I think they spend about £25 on costumes and special effects per show. Come on, the damn Daleks still have a rubber plumber’s helper as their weapon arms. [not that people haven’t tried that one too] Matt Smith wears the same clothes in every episode. And the less they dress Karen Gillan in, the better. They certainly seem to be saving cash with her short little skirts.

But not even the official website can tell us when the new half season will actually air. Beyond lame.

And this is it for Amy and Rory. Last season. The Doctor - whatever incarnation he may be in next season (whenever that is) - will be getting a new companion. Some petite brunette. Phooey.

more pics of this episode
Karen Gillan looking like a long hot mess at some Formula One event

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 04/14/2012 at 12:36 PM   
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