Fair And Balanced?

I can’t say if Fox News is getting on the gun control bandwagon again, or if they’ve decided to report more stories of violent crime in the wake of the Treyvon story, or if it’s just been a busy week for the shooters, but I did notice that today’s news has quite a lot of these stories. Maybe it is a good thing, maybe not. Depends on how you want to spin it. But people shoot each other every day in America, for a variety of reasons; some groups of people are more violence prine than others seemingly, and some areas are far more violence prone than others, no question about it. Perhaps if Fox were to just report them all, it would open everyone’s eyes to the reality. Raise their awareness. The stories are out there, locally. And many could be written if reporters made a tiny bit of effort. Perhaps it would be best not to categorize them at first, and just let a pattern emerge. You can see it already if you know how to read between the line a little: “Police in Gary are looking for a purple PT Cruiser and a white Cadillac involved in the shooting.” Gangs and ghettos and felons, oh my. And crazy psychotic evil people.

5 Detroit men charged with kidnapping, torturing, killing 2 women.

Texas flash mob beach party shooting, 1 dead, 3 wounded.

Shot dead in the street for his sneakers.

Father dies as human shield shot many times, protecting his 8 year old son Tre.

violent felon Nakwon Foxworth shoots 4 cops in Brooklyn shootout.

AZ Taco Bell drive-through customer shoots special needs pedestrian.

Possibly hispanic guy in hoodie robs Walmart, shoots and kills manager.

and the list goes on. And on. Albert Rodriguez Arias stabs his elderly father 6 times with knife, turns himself in. Maybe it’s high time the news groups started running the stories. There is a lot more crime going on than most of us realize; don’t just report the most sensational cases.

Speaking of sensational ...

Taking it up a notch? Florida prostitute borrows idea from “McNuggets hooker”, will have sex for 2 double cheeseburgers. And a $40 tip. Busted!

No word on what she’d do for fries and a Coke.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 04/08/2012 at 02:47 PM   
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