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Poop. It’s what’s for dinner in the near future?


Japanese scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda from the Okayama Laboratory certainly doesn’t believe in human waste.

He thinks that’s perfectly good protein you’re sending out to sea, and he’s found a way to extract it, mix it with steak sauce and create a fecal feast fit for a king.

And despite the downside of having to add soya to bind it all together, Prof Ikeda thinks there’s no reason why we shouldn’t all tuck into his turd burgers.

Why would he even think of it, you might ask.

Because Tokyo Sewage asked him to. Tokyo is swimming in sewage mud, it seems, and there’s only one way it can save itself and that’s eat it.

Prof Ikeda found the mud was loaded with protein due to the high bacteria content. Combine it with reaction enhancer and put it in a magical machine called an “exploder” and artificial steak comes out the other end.

Ah so desu ka! He’s got it backwards: steak goes IN at one end. What comes out ... isn’t steak.

According to Digital Trends, it’s 63 percent protein, 25 percent carbohydrates, 3 percent lipids and 9 percent minerals.

It’s colored red so you don’t know it’s poo.

“Initial tests have people saying it even tastes like beef,” Digital Trends reports.

Processed poop taste testers? I want to give out the golden award for best advertising copy ever written to the person who wrote that Help Wanted advert. And you thought you had to swallow a lot of shit on your job and smile??

Couldn’t they just find some kind of algae to eat this stuff, and have bio-diesel come out in the end? 

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 04/05/2012 at 10:52 AM   
  1. And here I thought James Cromwell composting his own waste was a big EWWWWWWWWWW. But leave it to liberals to take any subject/idea to the point of disgusting.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   04/05/2012  at  11:15 AM  
  2. Hey, George Galloway is constantly shoving his shit down everyone’s throat, so why not get the nutritional value out of it.

    Posted by New Jersey Yankee    Ireland   04/06/2012  at  11:30 AM  
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