Oh Snap!

I’m having technical issues here this morning. I’m surfing around the net a bit trying to find some stories worth writing about ...

* Supposedly, an American soldier gunned down a bunch of Afghan citizens. At 3am, in several different homes in several different villages! For no reason at all!  Yeah right, but now it’s an excuse for the Affies to demand we leave. Oh, and the Talliban promises revenge!! I saw the shooting story yesterday, and said to myself “Ach, crivens, here we go again.”

* Sheriff Joe and the whole Birther thing. A long and interesting read, especially the links. Who knew about Justia-gate? Who knew about Minor V. Happersett and the Soros-funded efforts to remove the digital links to the opinions therein? And why is it friggin’ PRAVDA that’s printing this; if it has any validity, ought not some American news page run with it? The Justia thing is the only new bit of info Arpaio’s research seems to turn up. All the rest I’ve seen on every Birther page everywhere. This isn’t today’s news, but it sure makes interesting reading.

* Black sportscasters and penis pride? Last month’s Twitter kerfuffle over some dumb Tweet ... all news to me this morning, since I don’t Twit and I don’t follow sports much at all. But this guy does have an interesting blog, talking mostly about Asian-centric stereotypes. Well, maybe more; I’ve only read 4 of his posts. I have no idea how I got to this ‘news story’ at all.

* It was no “fluke” at all:

late today we found out that Ms. Fluke is now being repped by the progressive PR agency SKDKnickerbocker where Anita Dunn, the former Obama communications director is the managing editor… a-ha.

but anyway, back to my technical issues ...

My hard drive is spinning like mad. Churn churn churn. For no reason at all as far as I can tell. Firefox is doing it; I ran some of my PC tools and it’s the only thing running - I have Windows locked down tight, and all that automatic background stuff is disabled. But since my PC is pretty old, I’m running the newest copy of the old Firefox (3.6.27) because of my limited system resources. But the churning is driving me nuts, bringing my PC to a standstill. I can’t even maintain the darn cursor to write a whole sentence. WTH is going on?

So I try to Google up “why is firefox accessing my hard drive so much”, and you know how Google is so damn presumptuous and tries to answer your question before you’ve asked it, often giving the answer to what it figures you should be asking even when that isn’t what you asked? Pain in the ass, and I wish there was a setting I could turn that crap off with, without logging in to Google and thus letting them strip me of my last fantasies of privacy?

So I ask the question, and Google comes back with Showing the responses for “why is the sky blue”.

Thanks Google. I so needed that dose of irony. A digital “well duuuuh” generated by one app to explain another.

Posted by Drew458    United States   on 03/12/2012 at 02:19 PM   
  1. Seen these?

    Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler    United States   03/12/2012  at  03:23 PM  
  2. Vilmar!  Holy shit man, haven’t seen you post in a while, hello there!

    Drew, if Vilmar’s links don’t lead you to a solution, I can at least suggest a starting point to get rid of the google auto-complete crap and maybe start to get Firefox under control…

    Run the firefox add-on “no-script”.  This stops Google’s scripts from running, but you can still search it by clicking in the google search box and typing what you want.  The downside is that you DO have to click in the box first, as the script to auto-position the cursor there also can’t run.

    Maybe get Process Explorer from the Microsoft Sysinternals group ( ) and expand the process tree to see what exactly is doing all of the horsing of the system _within_ Firefox?

    Like you, I run 3.6.27.  The old version does everything I need, and Mozilla kinda lost their minds with their fast spate of major-version releases.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    Canada   03/12/2012  at  11:25 PM  
  3. Well, I hate to say this but,- maybe time to get a mac??  I got sick and tired of my top-flite pc’s going crazy for no reason.  I concluded, after years of frustration/expenses, to try old Steve Jobs.  Started on a refurbished macbookpro, now am completely sold on macs.  Remarkable machines.  Good luck.

    Posted by rbm    United Kingdom   03/13/2012  at  05:33 AM  
  4. Old machine you say?  How much ram do you have and how much is being used?

    Firefox always had a habit of using a lot of ram and you may be paging out to hard disk when the available ram is used up.

    Personally I stopped using Firefox and went to Chrome; am much happier with Chrome.
    (and just as an aside to rbm I also just went to an iMac)

    Posted by TimO    United States   03/13/2012  at  11:51 AM  
  5. Open “Task Manager” and see how much memory FF is using.  I usually leave FF open all day long, open multiple tabs at once, leave them open, shut them down, etc. and usually average about 240 Meg of memory usage but very little CPU usage.

    Also, try disabling your plug-ins one by one to see if it makes a difference.  Also, when disabling them, it is helpful (although not always necessary) to shut FF down and re-open it in order to clear memories, caches, etc.

    Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler    United States   03/13/2012  at  12:09 PM  
  6. Hi timO - chrome is fine but I am using beta aurora now- even better.  And now my family has 3 Mbp’s and an ipad2.  These gizmos are amazing and reliable.

    Posted by rbm    United Kingdom   03/13/2012  at  12:22 PM  
  7. Thanks for all the tips! I’ve turned off the site blocking as one of Vilmar’s links suggested. Let’s see if that helps. I haven’t found anything about RSS feeds, which I don’t subscribe to as far as I know. OTOH, I don’t use the bookmark toolbar either.

    AG - I use a similar tool called Code Stuff Starter, which allows me to see and adjust every startup, Windows Service (mine are really minimal; I don’t even use BITS unless I have to), and running process. When I get the churn it shows very low CPU usage.

    This is an old machine, 700mhz, 0.4Gb RAM. Firefox is a bit of a memory pig, drawing 250Mb, but I still have 35Mb left even with everything else running.

    It may be Windows. The HD on this machine is small, only 27Gb, and after 12 years it’s pretty full. Deleting a bunch of graphics files gave me a bit more space, about 4Gb. Not seeing the churning now, but I can’t say for sure which change did it.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   03/13/2012  at  03:36 PM  
  8. Two points: FF using that much memory and leaving you so little left over is part of the problem.

    Giving yourself even more space on the HD would help a lot.  One of the links I read mentioned running out of disk space causing the HD to churn in order to keep everything running.

    Can you get an external hard drive and save as much data off on that?

    Better yet, buy a new machine.  You can probably get one with W7, 8G ram, 750G HD for under $375.  It’s about what I paid for mine and BOY!!!! what a difference!

    Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler    United States   03/13/2012  at  03:46 PM  
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