looking for a solution to a problem. see screen shot and note. any ideas?

Gonna be short to nil on my posting today, but needed to get this in.

A problem I can’t solve and I’ve tried the usual stuff, thinking that the problem was on my machine or maybe the browser.

Here’s what’s happening and it only happens on this web site.

The trouble first surfaced yesterday or maybe the day before.

Getting double images, print covered by other print and photos the same.
Here’s a screen shot of just a little but you’ll get the idea.


This appears on the far right side of the page in a column called Promotions although there are also news stories there.
I use Chrome as my default browser, and also have Opera and IE8 which I hardly ever use.  But the problem showed itself on all three browsers.
So, I downloaded the latest Firefox browser (which btw impressed me as there are some improvements from when I last used it before uninstalling)
Anyway, the problem showed itself on FF also.
I called the Telegraph and got this reply.

Thank you for contacting the Telegraph Media Group.

Sorry you have been experiencing problems whilst using the

Unfortunately, this problem has not been recognised from within the Telegraph or from any other users. We have tested this area of the website today from various computers and found no issues arising. We can now confirm that the cause of the problem you are experiencing is external from the Telegraph website and we believe this may possibly be a local issue concerned with your personal computer set-up.

As you may already be aware, computers are very complex tools and this particular problem could be related to a host of different possibilities by the general nature of computers, some of which you may not comprehend and of which we are unable to help you diagnose remotely from our office.

So I thought I’d share this with all here who are tech smarter them me which may be all of you. If any have ideas or suggestions I’d love to hear em cos I am stumped.  Yeah, cache is cleared. System defragged, and all the usual regular maintenance we’re supposed to do.  I do those as a matter of course and not just when there’s a problem.

And why only this one site if the problem is not at the newspaper online?

Posted by peiper    United States   on 03/09/2012 at 03:33 PM   
  1. I just did a Priont Screeen and pasted it into Macromedia Fireworks, my old reliable cheapo version of the Photoshop suite. No problems at all.

    I take it you aren’t seeing a double image on screen, but getting one when you paste? Are you noticing any other kind of garbled data from any other applications? I’m thinking it could be a little short circuit on your RAM, messing up memory pointers. Or insufficient screen buffer space.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   03/09/2012  at  09:56 PM  
  2. I take it you aren’t seeing a double image on screen, but getting one when you paste?

    No .... I am getting it when going to their site, but no place else.

    Posted by peiper    United States   03/11/2012  at  11:19 AM  
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