terrorists and gypsies and prisoners must have more “rights” says left.

Good gosh.  If you read the comments section after the article, you get the strong impression that many of the people really believed their PM when he said he’d do away with this sort of thing.
He said he would yeah.  But he only meant it at the time said and it was forgotten by the next promise If not well before. .  That’s what politicians do. Even the ones we think we like and trust. 
Anyway, this is one of those truly stupid ideas that only the left can dream up. And will enforce whenever given the opportunity. Now that you can trust.
Take a look at this mind bender.



Prisoners, gipsies, terrorists and union activists routinely have their human rights abused, a highly controversial report will claim today.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has spent at least £150,000 ( $ 236,487.17 ) of taxpayers’ money publishing a review into how public bodies safeguard people’s rights.

The left-wing quango, led by former Labour politician Trevor Phillips, has concluded that ‘more could be done to improve human rights protections of some,’ which also included vulnerable people in care homes and victims of crime.

But it contentiously calls for more rights for groups that include criminals, travellers and gipsies on illegal camps, and suspected extremists.

Some of the EHRC’s conclusions will spark anger because they are in defiance of the rulings of law made in Britain’s courts and decisions made in Parliament.

In one of its most controversial findings, the report, due to be published this morning, states that prisoners should be given the right to vote. In February last year, MPs voted to continue to deny inmates a chance to vote in elections despite a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights.

But the report, called How Fair Is Britain?, states: ‘Human rights… apply to everyone, even unpopular minorities.

‘Offenders may be punished with a prison sentence, which means a denial of their right to liberty. Treating the right to vote as a privilege to be removed for bad behaviour is a disproportionate interference with a fundamental right.’

The report also states that travellers and gipsies had no choice but to occupy sites illegally because local authorities had undermined their rights by failing to provide land for caravans. Evicting them therefore contravened Article 8 of the Human Rights Act – the right to a private and family life.

Right. That damned article 8, an invention of the Euro-peeon left, their court and union. And imposed on the UK. Go ahead, call me chicken little but I tell ya folks, if the left gets their way and I know I keep saying it, the USA won’t be far behind that one world one law ONE ARTICLE nightmare, but in our case it will be another association writ in stone that joins us to Europe.  Not so far fetched I don’t think.  Look what the left has already brought us to in just two generations.

‘Gipsy and traveller communities face a shortage of caravan sites,’ the report claims. ‘This means it is difficult for them to practise their traditional way of life.’

It echoed a claim by the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe last week that October’s eviction of 80 families illegally camped at Dale Farm, near Basildon, Essex, was an outrage against human rights.

Tory MP Philip Davies said: ‘I don’t really think the commission needed to spend tens of thousands of pounds telling us we need more human rights – that’s the reason for its existence. It seems a complete waste of money.

‘In many cases the people who the commission says are not getting human rights have forfeited them.

‘Do prisoners think of the human rights of the victims of their crime? Do travellers think of the human rights of those whose land they illegally camp on? Not for a second.

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