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Yeah, Rich K is still around. Every blog needs a lurker or two, right? These links are from him. Thanks Rich!

Thick as a brick, and just as dead: fully drain the battery in your electric Tesla and it’s game over. Until you spring $40,000 for a new set of batteries!

And the Number 2 country in the world for having the most firearms in private hands ... may I have the envelope please ... and the winner is ... INDIA!!! Not that getting a gun legally there is all that easy, nor is the number of legal civilian guns anywhere close to the number in the USA, although illegal guns in India outnumber the legal ones nearly six to one. 40 million guns in total. Few can afford to buy one, new or used. But hey, in India, if you want a gun you MAKE one. Awesomeness. And the money quote is just priceless:

“All that Gandhi stuff is for tourists ... They should go off to Varanasi, see the holy cows.”

Holy cow!

Don’t worry, my good Desis. There is one way to get your license fast-tracked: have a vasectomy.

And you thought paying an arm and a leg for a decent rifle was bad!


Ok, this one is not from the K-man, but from reader PS. Sweet.

If there’s someone strange
In your neighborhood
Who Ya Gonna Call?

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Don’t you get a DFC for being a double ace?

“Progress So Far… 10,” reads the banner. To date, mosques in Blackpool, Bolton, Ealing, Huddersfield, Kirkless, Luton, and York have been fought off by the Mosquebusters. A mosque in Uxbridge, stopped initially by a Mosquebusters community petition, has now landed back in court under appeal from the local Muslim community. It threatens the Mosquebusters’ otherwise flawless record.

The Mosquebusters, or the Law and Freedom Foundation as they’re officially known, are part of a new wave of anti-Islamic campaigners in England with links to more established anti-immigrant groups such as England Is Ours and Stop Islamisation of Europe. Like many of these groups, the Mosquebusters fear that traditional British culture, laws, and values will disappear with the changing face of Britain and worry that extremist interpretations of sections of the Koran urge Muslims to kill non-believers and take slaves.

Until mid-February, the Mosquebusters advertised for volunteers, under a campaign called “No More Mosques,” on the website of the ultra-nationalist English Defence League (EDL), a group that organizes anti-Islamic street marches that often decend into brawls, riots, and arrests. The EDL and other anti-Islamic groups have no problem convincing their members to parade in public yelling insults like “Muslim bombers off our streets!” and “Allah is a pedophile!,” but the Mosquebusters have a quieter, perhaps more insidious approach: In offices and city halls, they are crafting legal cases against mosque construction applications across the country. It’s a war against Islam, but one that often resembles a bureaucratic turf battle more than a clash of civilizations.

Mosquebusters no longer advertises for volunteers through the English Defence League; a disclaimer makes clear that the two groups have no official association.

Still, Boby isn’t backing down from his crusade against Britain’s creeping Islamicization. “Authorities need to know that the wind is shifting and that when it has blown away the politically correct fog, they will be left in full view,”


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